The Crypto Market Loves Meme Coins. These 3 Tokens Are Fan Favorites

After amassing substantial liquidity, the hot new meme coin Raboo takes the lion’s share of investor sentiment.

Raboo (RABT)

Meme coins are all the rage right now, with several tokens reaching for the stars. But the crypto market has spoken, and the three firm favorites to shoot the moon this year are Dogecoin, Floki Inu, and a hot new meme coin that is grabbing investor sentiment across the cryptosphere . Each of these coins is poised to make their investors a handsome return, and all score highly with crypto enthusiasts.

Dogecoin (DOGE): The Original Meme Coin And Still The Number One

The meme coin phenomenon is more than a decade old. Dogecoin came along to make fun of the ‘uselessness’ of cryptocurrencies. On Christmas day 2020 Dogecoin was less than half a cent. Half a year later Dogecoin soared to its ATH of $0.73. Nobody thought Dogecoin was a joke anymore!

But it did not last long – slightly more than a year later, Dogecoin lost 90% of its value. But the crypto market was not fooled, not one bit. Dogecoin is now the eighth-largest coin by market cap, and doubled its price in the last three months. Dogecoin has set the tone for what meme coins can be, and many successful meme coins have followed in Dogecoin’s footsteps.

Floki Inu (FLOKI): Vikings’ Popularity Proves Profitable

The world was rapt when Ragnar Lothbrok graced their screens with the vikings TV show, but it was the eccentric boatbuilder Floki who everyone remembers. When the developers of Floki Inu crypto named their hot new meme coin after this fan favorite, Floki Inu became an instant hit. 

Floki Inu returned close to 540% returns over the last year, the second-largest return of the top meme coins, only surpassed by DogWifHat. The reason for Floki Inu’s popularity is that there’s more to the coin than its memes. It is a complete crypto ecosystem and a winning formula for any meme coin wanting to follow Floki Inu’s success.

Raboo (RABT): The Full-Service Meme Coin

The hot new meme coin Raboo uses meme culture to carve out a place in the hearts and wallets of crypto investors. This AI-enhanced meme coin appeals strongly to a tech-savvy audience by combining viral content with cutting-edge blockchain technology. The Raboo ecosystem puts it way ahead of its meme coin competitors, as Raboo relies on more than market feel-good to drive investor sentiment.

Raboo also has an NFT platform and is committed to a lively community marketplace and governance choices that provide stakeholders direct control over the project’s future. Raboo also adds staking systems that provide real benefits, which increases investor satisfaction and retention. Raboo’s market appeal is enhanced by donating a percentage of transaction fees to charitable organizations.

It is no mystery why Raboo’s presale has lured investors to amass over $1.4 million of liquidity.  And the crypto ICO isn't even out of the starting block yet!


The crypto market is primed and ready for meme coins to grab the lion’s share of the crypto market influx, and the big winners of this will undoubtedly be Dogecoin and Floki Inu. However, after amassing substantial liquidity, the hot new meme coin Raboo takes the lion’s share of investor sentiment. Raboo is now available in presale at $0.0042.