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How Can We Make National Nutrition Month A Success?

The idea of marking September National Nutrition Month in India is to reduce malnutrition and anaemia among children, adolescents, and pregnant women.

National Nutrition Month

India is observing National Nutrition Month in September 2022. The goal this year is to reduce malnutrition and anaemia among children, adolescents, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

It is intended to promote healthy eating and physical activity habits among people and bring attention to the importance of making informed food choices, as well as educating the public about the effects of malnutrition.

Overview of the nutrition situation in India

  • An additional 10.8 billion USD are needed between 2022 and 2030 to meet nutrition targets on stunting, wasting, maternal anaemia, and breastfeeding.

  •  National Family Health Survey (FHS) 2019-21, the 5th in the series, indicates no significant improvements in India's health and nutritional status.

  •  Data show that 7.7% of children are severely wasted, 19.3% are wasted, and 35.5% are stunted. The same study found that 3.4% of children are overweight compared to 2.1% in NFHS-4 (fig 2).

  •  In accordance with NFHS-4, the prevalence of anaemia among children under 5 has increased significantly from 58.6% to 67.1%. In addition, women of reproductive age make up 57% of the country's anaemic population.

 A brief history

In the Rajasthani town of Jhunjhunu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the POSHAN Abhiyaan- the National Nutrition Mission.

 As part of the Poshan Abhiyaan, the National Council on India's Nutrition Challenges took a decision in July to declare September National Nutrition Month with the aim of reducing stunting among children under the age of six by 25 percent by 2022 by making September National Nutrition Month.

 Why a National Nutrition Month

  •  Among the eight focus areas of the ministry are optimal breastfeeding, growth monitoring, hygiene and sanitation, food fortification, girls' education, diet, and marriage at the appropriate age, among others.

  •   In order to eliminate deficiencies in the health sector, we need to improve the nutritional status of children, adolescents, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

  •  To raise awareness about malnutrition in children, the Women and Child Development Ministry has organized a variety of nutrition-related activities in the district this month in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

  •  Through various grass-root activities during this month, the ministry intends to reach around 11 crore, women and children.

  •   All officers concerned are instructed to ensure daily uploading of these programs/activities on the Government of India's portal, developed throughout the month of nutrition.

Gaps and road to recovery

  •  In India, adding nutrient-rich, climate-smart crops like millet to the diet could prevent deficiency and diet-related NCDs.

  • Transforming the current food system requires the involvement of all stakeholders through policy initiatives.

  •  To address nutritional losses caused by pandemics, additional funds are needed.

  •  Furthermore, India needs to develop a better system for data management, a more accountable food distribution system, efficient resource management, nutrition education, manpower reinforcement, and systematic monitoring to achieve global nutrition targets by 2030.

Make National Nutrition Month 2022 a success with these ideas

  •  Through the week, a series of nutrition events can be showcased live on India's landmark health and wellbeing forum.

  •  Informing women and children on nutrition, government schemes, and healthy eating practices.

  • Multi-platform engagement with social media and videos.

  •  In keeping with PM's flagship scheme of holistic nourishment, Poshan Abhiyan, check out Healthy Khayega India, which was promoted by social media influencers, nutritionists, and chefs.


National Nutrition Month aims to raise awareness about malnutrition and encourage people to think mindfully about nutrition. Our health and the health of those around us can benefit greatly from small changes. It certainly takes effort and commitment to eating healthy-but we hope that by the end of the month you will see sound nutrition as something to benefit your life.