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Saif Ali Khan Reveals The Advice Rani Mukerji Gave Him On Dating Kareena Kapoor

Actor Saif Ali Khan has spoken about one piece of advice that Rani Mukerji gave him when she got to know about him dating Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji Photo: Instagram

Actor Saif Ali Khan has spoken about one piece of advice that Rani Mukerji gave him when she got to know about him dating Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Saif and Kareena were asked about their love life in the final episode of ‘Now Bingeing’ by Tata Play Binge.

Saif said: “Rani is really amazing, I enjoy being friends with her now, more than ever before. But she said this thing, we were shooting I remember, and she was away from the love of her life and she was like ‘Lets just shoot non-stop really fast and finish this and let's not take a day off’ and she also told me ‘Oh you’re going out with Kareena I’m so happy.”

“I’ll give you some advice, just think of it as two heroes in the house.’ I kind of got what she meant, but now more than ever I go back to that advice sometimes. Because it is, it’s two people who are equal, who are contributing to the sanity and the sanctity of the home.”

He added: “When one is working the other one is doing that with the children.”

Continuing on the same thought, he said: “But I understand it, it was really good advice, it was brilliant advice and it’s a complicated thing what she was saying because she was talking about gender, roles and whether you feel -- ‘is it okay for my wife to be out of the house working so much while I'm doing this’.”

“And what she meant was of course it is! Just give her the respect of equality, is what she was talking about.”

In the episode, Saif and Kareena got candid and spill the tea about their relationship, choosing off beat projects, working life as parents, the media’s interest in their children, some advice from co-stars and their binging habits.!

The episode will be on Tata Play Binge on January 24.