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'Premalu' On Disney+ Hotstar Movie Review: Naslen And Mamitha Baiju Elevate This Cliche Romcom With Their Heartfelt Performances

Outlook Rating:
3.5 / 5

Starring Mamitha Baiju and Naslen, 'Premalu' is now available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. Is this romcom worth watching or you can choose to skip it? Read the full movie review to find out.

A still from 'Premalu' Photo: YouTube

The Malayalam film industry has been consistently pushing the envelope by exploring new themes and plots in their movies. While they continue to delve into the most commonly loved genres, they try to make them as relatable and realistic as possible. This is exactly the case with the Girish A.D. directorial ‘Premalu.’ The movie follows two young people, out of which the guy falls for the girl first. The girl turns his proposal down but later on, she realizes that she is in love with him as well. As cliché as it might sound, this is the movie's plot. But despite this used and overused formula, ‘Premalu’ has become one of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2024. After a successful run in theatres, this Naslen and Mamitha Baiju starrer is now available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. In case you are planning to watch this rom-com and add it to your weekend binge list, then here’s all that you need to know about it.

‘Premalu’: Story

Sachin (played by Naslen), is a 23-year-old B.Tech graduate without clear goals. His main desire after graduation is to distance himself from his strained and dysfunctional family. Initially planning to move to the UK, Sachin's visa application gets rejected. He finds himself enrolling in GATE coaching in Hyderabad with his friend Amal Davis (played by Sangeeth Prathap). Eventually, Sachin abandons his GATE aspirations to work at Amal Davis’ uncle’s fried chicken shop.

Sachin's life changes when he meets Reenu (played by Mamitha Baiju) at his teacher’s wedding in Andhra Pradesh. Reenu, an IT professional, seeks an older, mature, and established partner like her colleague Aadhi (played by Shyam Mohan). As Sachin falls for Reenu, he faces the challenge of winning her affection despite their differences.

‘Premalu’: Performances

Naslen plays the role of Sachin. This character is like a man-child. He has no aim nor any ambition except to find love in his life. The problem with playing manchild characters on screen is how they are often shown as people who cannot say no. When it comes to Sachin, he is simply immature and just a regular boy-next-door. Naslen brings that innocence that is needed for this role to the forefront. His comic timing is another cherry on top of the cake as it elevates his performance to greater heights.

Coming to Mamitha Baiju. Her Reenu is not your manic pixie dream girl that is oh so prevalent in Bollywood films. She is strong and independent and has a mind of her own. Mamitha brings these qualities to the table quite effortlessly. Her screen presence is quite alluring. While her comic timing is not quite on your face unlike the other actors, it is quite subtle and snarky and that helps her stand her ground and shine in her light among the other actors.

Shyam Mohan as Aadhi was, hands down, my favourite. He played a supporting role in the film, but he shone in whatever was given to him. Aadhi has certain quirks to him. Shyam brings these quirks to life in his style, and he nails his role with ease. Aadhi has the knack of cracking the most offensive jokes and saying “JK” (just kidding). His quirks and his habits will remind you of an Aadhi in your life. He is the dark horse in this movie.

‘Premalu’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

The best part about ‘Premalu’ is how well-fleshed out every character is. Every character has a well-defined personality from Sachin, Reenu, Aadhi, Amal Davis, Karthika, and even their roommate – Niharika. All characters have their flaws and quirks that make them stand out from everyone else. These well-defined characters feel like you are watching your friends on screen. This also helps the characters become relatable to the audience. It won’t be surprising if you happen to parts of yourself in one character or another.

Apart from the characters, ‘Premalu’ has a beautiful album. All thanks to Vishnu Vijay who has added songs for every mood in this romcom. There are romantic and mushy songs along with some folk songs that help establish the setting and the vibe. The movie has been shot in Hyderabad and the cinematography by Ajmal Sabu lends a freshness to the story. He has beautifully captured the essence of Hyderabad, right from Charminar to HITEC City.

The script is well-written. The jokes land perfectly, and it will make you laugh effortlessly. Additionally, the dialogues are also well-penned. The dialogues aren’t too heart-wrenching. The characters convey what they feel without the preachiness. The script has a very Gen Z feel to it which will resonate with the younger audience, especially those who are struggling to find their footing just like Sachin and Reenu.

‘Premalu’: Cast & Crew

Director: Girish A.D

Writer: Girish A.D., Kiran Josey

Producer: Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran

Cast: Naslen, Mamitha Baiju, Sangeeth Prathap, Shyam Mohan, Akhila Bhargavan, Mathew Thomas

Available On: Disney+ Hotstar

Duration: 156 minutes

Languages: Malayalam 

‘Premalu’: Can Kids Watch It?


Outlook’s Verdict

When you take a bird’s eye view of ‘Premalu’, you cannot help but notice how cliché the plot is. But what helps you ignore the cliché is the performance of the actors. Every actor in this flick has given their best to the film, and frankly speaking, it is quite evident. The film has its moments. There were times when I found myself laughing at the jokes cracked by Sachin and Aadhi. Add to it, Sachin and Reenu share a beautiful chemistry on screen, and you cannot help but root for these two people who are complete opposites. ‘Premalu’ makes for a great film when you just want to unwind, let a few laughs out, and feel mushy. I am going with 3.5 stars.