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Not Yet Satisfied With My Journey: Abhishek Banerjee On Validation As An Actor

The actor talks about validation as an actor, revelations about OTT and box-office charm

Actor Abhishek Banerjee ( Photo Credit: Instagram/Abhishek Banerjee)

Abhishek Banerjee is one of the most versatile actors in current times and his rich filmography is a testimony of that. From his brilliant comic timings in films like ‘Stree’, ‘Bala’, and ‘Dream Girl’ to, showcasing his aggressive side as Hathoda Tyagi in ‘Paatal Lok’, Abhishek knows how to engage his audience with his intense acting and powerful screenplay. However,  finding satisfaction in his work is still a long process for this powerhouse of talent.

In an interview with Outlook, Abhishek talks about how he is still perfecting the role of an actor. “I think I am still looking for validation and I still don’t know where I stand.”

Adding further, he said that he knows he can perform varied and distinctive characters but still he wants to be perfect as an actor. “I am far from it and I think with each filmmaker I work with and with each film I act in, every time I am in front of the camera I learn something new. Also, when I see my work after release, I judge myself a lot and try to rectify the mistakes which I might have done in past performances so no I am not yet satisfied with my journey and I am still looking for better characters, roles, and responsibilities and I think I am very very hungry right now.”

He also emphasized that with each character his hunger is also growing. However, he is satisfied with the fact that he is getting to act and chase his dreams.

Abhishek is currently seen as one of the main leads in 'The Great Wedding of Munnes'. The Voot Select web series features him as a desperate middle-aged man who is on a constant hunt to find a suitable wife for himself.

Talking about the biggest revelations he had while making his space at OTT, Abhishek says previously he used to think that audiences like superficial stuff but that's not the case.

"No matter how big or small an actor you are, the audience loves you if you love your work and that’s something I have realized and I am keeping that in me for life,” he said.

Adding further he said that if you really believe in yourself and if you keep your intention pure, the audience will respond to your performances. "When you connect honestly and deeply with the script, it's the same reciprocal motion the audience shows you and it has happened time and again with some of my performances," he said.

But as an actor, is he satisfied with views and engagements or the charm of the box office is something that excites him?

“I think any actor will love appreciation, wherever it's coming from but yes of course I miss the box office charm. In fact, my debut as an actor was on the big screen so you know I am craving to see myself on the big screen and also the experience of watching the film with the audience is great. You see the audience laugh, smile, or clap, and that kind of magic only theatres can give you so I do miss films but thank god 'Bhediya' is releasing in November so I am excited about that,” he said.

Though Abhishek has done some great roles in recent times, he still credits his role in the 2017 film ‘Ajji’ for shaping his career.

“That film changed everything. I played the role of a child abuser called Vilasrao Dhavle, so that was very difficult for me to pull off and thanks to that, Amar Kaushik offered me Jaana’s role in  ‘Stree' ‘that changed my life. Jaana made me popular amongst people and in the industry. I got varied roles because of that character including 'Pataal Lok' so yes I have to thank Dhavle for Jaana and Jaana for Hathoda Tyagi and because of Hathoda Tyagi, I got this huge popularity amongst youth. I am looking forward to the next character who becomes the parameter and I can thank Hathoda Tyagi back for that character so I am waiting for that,” he sums up