‘House Of The Dragon 2’: 5 Reasons Why This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Is A Must Watch

Building on the popularity of the first season of ‘House Of The Dragon’, the second one is definitely not holding back and is expected to be even more grand and magnificent; something you won't be able to turn away from. Here are a few reasons why you should not miss ‘House Of The Dragon 2’.

‘House Of The Dragon 2’ Photo: Instagram

‘House Of The Dragon 2’ is poised for a successful sequel. With the new season quickly approaching, enthusiasm and expectation are at an all-time high. Previously, ‘HOTD’ creator Ryan Condal promised the addition of five new dragons this season, which piqued viewers’ interest like never before. But that is not all!

Here are a few reasons why you can't afford to miss the upcoming season of ‘House Of The Dragon’, which is a prequel to ‘Game Of Thrones’.

1. Dance Of The Dragons

This season will detail the events of the Targaryen war, popularly known as the ‘Dance Of The Dragons’ from Game of Thrones. It is explained that this war leads to the fall of the Targaryen family, with their dragons ultimately killing each other. In the first season, we witnessed the civil war between the Green and Black house alliances, along with the heartbreak and loss faced by Rhaenyra. Now, fueled by revenge and ambition, both sides will take any and every measure to emerge victorious in this battle for the throne.

2. Team Green VS Team Black

Both the factions have different houses supporting them and they are named as the Green’s (Alicent’s Faction) and the Black’s (Rhaenrya’s faction).  As there is no right or wrong between the two teams, as both of them will be fighting for power and the throne. The odds don’t look good for Rhaenrya as she is left heartbroken by the loss of her children and has decided to show no mercy, expressing her anger which might lead to her making hasty decisions. On the other hand Aegon II is very confident that he will protect the crown at all costs.

3. The Bloody Betrayal

Following Martin’s ‘Fire and Blood,’ the war is brutal and results in the loss of thousands of innocent lives on both sides. After the gruesome war ends, Rhaenyra eventually acquires the throne, but its rejection grants her only a short time to rule. During this period, she is betrayed by Ser Alfred Broome and Hugh Hammer, who will be making their appearances in the new season. Although it seems their decision was influenced by the Greens offering them better conditions, we will have to wait and see!

4. Rhaenrya’s Demise

It is no news to ‘GOT’ and ‘HOTD’ fans that Rhaenrya will not live long after the Targaryen war. After the betrayal from Ser Alfred Broome, Rhaenyra will face Aegon II, who ordered his dragon Sunfyre to attack her. Sunfyre burned and devoured her right in front of Rhaenrya’s last remaining son. This devastating death marked the end of her reign. Not long after, Aegon II also died after someone poisoned him in the Royal Sept.

5. Will ‘HOTD’ Stray From The Original Story?

Even though the events of the Targaryen war are mentioned multiple times in ‘Game Of Thrones’, they have never been depicted in detail. As such, there is a possibility that the series might diverge from the novel’s original ending, similar to how ‘Game Of Thrones’ concluded. This opens up a number of possibilities. It is also possible that the whole Targaryen war is not covered in this season and the makers announce a third sequel.

Building on the popularity of the first season, the second one is definitely not holding back and is expected to be even more grand and magnificent; something you won't be able to turn away from! This season of the series will serve as a Bible for fans, providing answers to many unresolved questions and offering a detailed prequel to many events in ‘Game Of Thrones’.