Escapism, Enchantment, And Exploration: Why We, As Audiences, Crave Fantasy Dramas Like ‘House Of The Dragon’

The second season of ‘House Of The Dragon’ will premiere on JioCinema on June 17. As audiences await the release, we take a dipstick to find out why we, as an audience, crave such fantasy dramas.

‘House Of The Dragon’
‘House Of The Dragon’ Photo: Instagram

As audiences await the release of the next season of ‘House Of The Dragon’, the ‘Game Of Thrones’ prequel which received immense praise, we take a dipstick to find out why we, as audiences crave such fantasy dramas.

For decades, viewers have been drawn by fantasy plays, shows and films with wondrous creatures, mystical settings, and epic stories. From ancient civilizations’ myths and traditions to modern-day vast television and web shows, these stories provide a dramatic escape from the commonplace and an opportunity to explore the depths of human nature in unique settings. But why does this genre have such enduring appeal?

Psychologists and scientists provide numerous plausible explanations for our fascination with the extraordinary. Notably, the accessibility and cost of such content have contributed significantly to its appeal. The monthly release of fantasy films, shows, and other pop culture items demonstrates how the fantasy drama genre is timeless.

Fantasy worlds allow individuals to go beyond and explore stories to any level, which is why the practice of creating prequels to fictitious stories has recently gained popularity. Some of the most successful prequels are ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, and ‘Harry Potter’. The much-anticipated prequel series to ‘Game Of Thrones’, ‘House of the Dragon’, is also one of them.


When And Where To Watch ‘House Of The Dragon 2’?


The second season of the ‘House Of The Dragon’ will premiere on JioCinema on June 17.

Furthermore, additional fantasy dramas are still available on various streaming sites, allowing fans to enjoy high-quality material at a reasonable price. So, what causes this craving among us, as the audience, to watch more and more of this fantasy drama genre?

Escape And Wish Fulfilment

One of the most appealing aspects of fantasy plays is their capacity to transcend us beyond the constraints of our everyday existence. In a society plagued by real-world problems, imagination offers much-needed relief. We may lose ourselves in worlds filled with soaring dragons, brave heroes, and strong magic, temporarily forgetting about bills, traffic, and daily stresses.

Moral Exploration And Identity Formation

While the fanciful features give a break from reality, fantasy plays frequently address universal issues that touch powerfully with viewers. Good vs. evil, love and loss, sacrifice and redemption are all timeless themes that fantasy allows us to explore in a safe, metaphorical setting.

Fantasy stories also offer complex tapestry of characters with various personalities and motivations. We can empathize with the underdog hero on their quest for justice, the wise mentor imparting direction, or the conflicted villain battling with their choices. This process of identification helps us investigate our own values, wants, and concerns, contributing to our personal growth.

The Power Of Imagination And Wonder

Fantasy plays restore the feeling of surprise and curiosity frequently dampened by the routines of daily life.  As youngsters, we instinctively accept the fanciful, including talking animals and magical landscapes.  Fantasy dramas rekindle our youthful sense of wonder, reminding us of the magic that exists in the world, or, more specifically, the magic we can create with our imagination.

According to research from the University of California, Berkeley, fantasy can improve creativity and problem-solving skills. Fantasy novels stimulate our imaginations, encouraging us to look beyond the box and contemplate new possibilities.

A Sense Of Community And Belonging

Fantasy plays create a sense of camaraderie among fans. Fans may interact with one another online and offline through shared characters, worlds, and stories, discussing hypotheses, dissecting plotlines, and celebrating or mourning each triumph or defeat. In today’s more individualistic environment, a sense of belonging may be especially soothing.

A 2018 research by the University of Michigan discovered that engaging in online fan groups can give a sense of social support and belonging, especially for people who may feel lonely in their everyday life.

The Allure Of The Unseen

Finally, fantasy plays are particularly appealing because they explore the unknown. They allow us to see worlds beyond our own, pique our interest in the immensity of the cosmos, and ponder the possibilities that exist beyond the veil of what we see as reality.

To summarize, fantasy plays provide an effective combination of escapism, moral examination, and imagination-fueling wonder. They allow us to tackle universal issues in a safe environment, build a feeling of community, and pique our curiosity about the unknown.  In a world that may be daunting and complex, fantasy plays give a much-needed respite and an opportunity to explore the depths of human nature in exceptional surroundings.

So, the next time you’re pulled to a fanciful narrative, remember that it’s about more than just dragons and magic; it’s about the power of the human imagination to create, connect, and explore the limitless possibilities of life.