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‘Black Panther - Wakanda Forever’: Marvel’s Most Memorable Characters To Have Ever Fought Alongside Chadwick Boseman

Relive the memories of these iconic heroes as you watch ‘Black Panther - Wakanda Forever’, which was released on Disney+ Hotstar.

Chadwick Boseman As 'Black Panther'

Over the years, Marvel has showcased some of cinema’s most iconic characters who have left a lasting impression on everyone. From their memorable behaviour to their quirky one-liners, there are many aspects that make these characters great. Some of them risk their lives while some are iconic due to their sense of humour and bubbly character.

The Black Panther, previously played by Chadwick Boseman, is one such hero, remembered for his bravery and a strong sense of self. In the latest Marvel venture, ‘Black Panther - Wakanda Forever’, a new hero will take up the mantle of the Black Panther.

As the film releases on OTT, here is a list of some of the most memorable heroes to have fought alongside Black Panther and who will always be remembered.

Iron Man

A character that has the entire Marvel community in love with him, Iron Man has the charisma, intelligence and swagger that attracts people to him. In every Avengers movie, he risks his life to try and save everyone. These acts of putting everyone’s needs above his own are what people love and remember about Iron Man the most.

Black Widow

Despite not having any superpowers, Black Widow is well-loved among the Marvel community due to her superior abilities as a spy. She is an integral part of the Avengers and her personality and wittiness have made her a fan favourite.


Born from the merging of Iron Man’s Ultron AI code and the power of the Mind Stone, Vision is a fully self-sentient AI. His casual demeanour mixed with his uniquely cool fighting style has made Marvel fans love him immediately.


Thor has always been one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being a God, he has always been able to possess not only superhuman strength but even a great sense of character judgement. Even though Thor and Black Panther never had too many scenes together, the two were some of the most powerful to have fought against Thanos.

Queen Ramonda

Although not considered one of Marvel’s fighters, Queen Ramonda has a strong presence within the Black Panther franchise and has made her mark. With Angela Bassett winning a Golden Globe for her acting in this role, Queen Ramonda is a formidable foe to her enemies and especially to Namor in ‘Black Panther - Wakanda Forever’.


Gamora provided the audience with an independent, smart and badass character to idolise. Despite her troubled childhood, she grew up to be self-reliant and an integral part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy, saving the universe multiple times.

As you remember these iconic heroes who sacrificed so much and fought alongside Black Panther to save the lives of so many people, don’t forget to tune in for ‘Black Panther - Wakanda Forever’.

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