Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Shows Japan, World's Resolve To Combat COVID Through Sports - Highlights

Two hundred and six countries participate in Parade of Nations as Tokyo 2020 gets officially underway

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Shows Japan, World's Resolve To Combat COVID Through Sports - Highlights

The curtains have officially gone up on Tokyo Olympics Friday evening. Japan showcased its culture and technological might during the opening ceremony which was held in front of an empty National Stadium. (LIVE STREAMING | DAY 2 INDIA SCHEDULE | NEWS)

8:22 PM IST: That's it folks, the much delayed Tokyo Olympics are truly underway. Here's India's schedule for Day 2:

8:17 PM IST: Tennis champion Naomi Osaka lights the Olympic Cauldron

After the Olympic Torch Relay, the flame was carried into the stadium by Nomura Tadahiro and Yoshida Saori, judo and wrestling Olympic champions. It's handed off to three Japanese baseball legends, Nagashima Shigeo, Oh Sadaharu, and Matsui Hideki. Then to Paralympic athlete Tsuchida Wakako.

8:08 PM IST: Olympic flame is entering the stadium

7:54 PM IST: That's not a moon:

7:45 PM IST:  Emperor of Japan Naruhito declares the Games open

7:40 PM IST:  IOC chief Thomas Bach and Tokyo Olympic Committee head take to dais for final speech. Total attendance is just shy of 11,000 which includes around 6,000 athletes and team officials.

7:23 PM IST: Here's a special message from gymnast Deepa Karmakar for Indian contingent

7:15 PM IST: Check out the amazing photos from the opening ceremony HERE.

7:10 PM IST: Olympic oath coming up. The number of oath-takers at the Olympics opening ceremony has been doubled from three to six for the Tokyo Games to ensure gender parity. For the athletes, Yamagata Ryota (athletics) and Ishikawa Kasumi (table tennis) read the oath.

7:05 PM IST: First Lady Jill Biden cheers  as Team USA marches in  behind flagbearers Sue Bird and Eddy Alvarez.


Team USA enters the Olympic stadium. Photo AP

7:00 PM IST: Even PM Narendra Modi caught the glimpses of the opening ceremony

6:55 PM IST: The US women's football team who missed the opening ceremony due to their event starting have organised their  own opening parade.  WATCH HERE

6:44 PM IST: Some of the athletes take rest during the ceremony

6:40 PM IST:  Kuwait have made a return to Olympics after being suspended in 2015. They were suspended for political interference in their sports body.

6:25 PM IST: Meanwhile, sports minister Anurag Thakur was joined by Olympic medalists Yogeshwar Dutt , Karnam Malleswari and 2008 Olympian boxer Akhil Kumar at Dhyan Chand Stadium to watch the opening ceremony of Tokyo2020

6:03 PM IST: Hend Zaza, 12, Syrian table tennis player is the youngest to have the honour of being a flagbearer for a country. She jointly carried the flag for the Syrian Arab Republic with Ahmad Saber Hamcho.

6:00 PM IST: Just in case if you haven't had enough of Indian contingent entering the Olympic Stadium. Here's another shot

5:58 PM IST: Checkout how excited US gymnast Simone Biles is before the parade.

5:55 PM IST: 'eSwatini' a new nation formely known as Swaziland enter the Olympic Stadium.

5:46 PM IST: The parade continues  with nations making their way into the stadium. Meanwhile checkout what Yogeshwar Dutt thinks of India's chances at the Games Here.

5:41 IST: Check out Italian outfits for the parade

5:33 PM IST: Here's Indian contingent entering the Olympic Stadium

5:23 PM IST: India have entered the Olympic Stadium with flag bearers, Manpreet Singh and Mary Kom carrying the tricolour high. This is India's 25th appearance at the Games.

5:21 PM IST:  From Argentina To  Iran the parade continues 

5:11 PM IST: Greece contingent walks in to start the parade of the nations, followed by IOC's Refugee Olympic Team and Ireland. India are 21st on the list.

5:10 PM IST: Arisa Tsubata was seen running on treadmill alone at the ceremony. She is a nurse and a middle weight boxer who worked in the frontline as during the pandemic.
She couldn't qualify for the Games as the qualifiers got cancelled due to pandemic.

5:05 PM IST: Nobel Peace Prize winner Bangladesh's Muhammad Yunus will become the second recipient of the Olympic Laurel.

4:56 PM IST: In the memorial segment the ceremony remembers all those lost not only to COVID-19, but also Olympians who died at the Games. There is a specific mention of the members of the Israeli team killed at Munich 1972.

4:48 PM IST:  The Emperor of Japan Naruhito is accompanied by IOC President Thomas Bach himself an Olympic fencing champion from Montreal 1976.
The flag of Japan enters the stadium.
It is carried by: Miyake Yoshinobu, two-time Olympic champion, weightlifting;  Takahashi Naoko, Olympic champion, marathon; Tabata Momoha, Youth Olympic Games medallist, curling; Sakai Hibiki, percussionist; Dohi Keita, Youth Olympic Games champion, sport climbing and Asaba Mizuki, rescue worker

4:32 PM IST: And we are live with the ceremony: Stay tuned for some world-class and pyrotechnics displays.

4:30 PM IST: The ceremony is about to start in few minutes. India will enter 21st at the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony as per the Gojuon — Japan’s fifty-sound phonetic order.  The parade of the nations as always will start with Greece


4:30 PM IST: Stage is set for the Games to start

4:21 PM IST: Manpreet Singh and MC Mary Kom are ready to lead the Indian contingent.

Japan and the International Olympic Committee have shown tremendous resolve in hosting the Summer Games that was postponed by a year due to a pandemic. The COVID virus still lurks at every nook and corner and that means the organisers and nations participating in the opening ceremony marchpast have taken extra precautions.

Boxing legend Mary Kom and hockey captain Manpreet Singh led out the Indian contingent during the Parade of Nations. About 20 athletes will represent India at the marchpast. Six officials, including coaches will also join the ceremony.


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The number of oath-takers has also been extended from three to six – two athletes, two coaches and two judges. This is in line with the IOC's and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee’s drive towards gender equality.

The theme of the ceremony is "United by Emotion." Tokyo 2020 is indeed an emotional occasion. Athletes have toiled for over four years to achieve the ultimate prize sports has to offer. But these Games go much beyond that.

In the Opening Ceremony, Tokyo 2020 hopes to reaffirm the role of sport and the value of the Olympic Games, to express gratitude and admiration for the efforts we all made together over the past year, and also to bring a sense of hope for the future.