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PAK Vs AUS, 2nd Test: Babar Azam Stars In Karachi Thriller As Pakistan, Australia Share Honours - Highlights


PAK Vs AUS, 2nd Test: Babar Azam Stars In Karachi Thriller As Pakistan, Australia Share Honours - Highlights

Pakistan almost pulled off the biggest chase in history with Babar Azam playing an epic knock. Catch highlights and cricket scores of 2nd PAK vs AUS Test.

Babar Azam plays a shot during PAK vs AUS, 2nd Test in Karachi. Catch highlights.
Babar Azam plays a shot during PAK vs AUS, 2nd Test in Karachi. Catch highlights. AP Photo

Five days of fascinating Karachi contest ends with a draw on Wednesday with Pakistan skipper Babar Azam playing an epic knock against Australia. Pakistan managed just 148 runs in reply to Australia's 556/6d in the first innings, which featured Islamabad-born Usman Khawaja's emotional ton. But the hosts, chasing an improbable target of 506 runs, scored 443/7 in the fourth innings at National Stadium. Australia declared their second innings at 97/2d early on Day 4, and they were in control after taking two early wickets. But Azam and young opener Abdullah Shafique dropped anchor to stitch a 228-run stand in 524 balls to keep Pakistan's hopes alive. Shafique missed a ton by four runs, but vice-captain Mohammad Rizwan completed his and fended off the Aussies in a tense finish. Nauman Ali played the perfect supporting role to Rizwan. Nathan Lyon, who toiled so hard, claimed two wickets in two towards the end on Day 5 to end with figures of 4/112. For the record, Azam's 196 in the highest fourth innings score by a captain. The third and final Test at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore starts March 21. Catch Day 5 highlights and cricket scores of the second PAK vs PAK Test match:


6:16 PM IST: Result

Mitchell Swepson to bowl the final over of the match. Mohammad Rizwan hits the fourth ball for a four, to mid-wicket boundary and that's it. Handshakes. It's a draw.


PAK - 443/7 & 148
AUS - 97/2d & 556/9d

6:12 PM IST: Rizwan Ton

Nathan Lyon continues. Mohammad Rizwan hits fours off the second and fourth balls to move to 99. Almost a run out off the fifth. Direct hit from Lyon at the striker's end even as Rizwan takes a desperate dive. A single off the last ball to cover and a Test century for Rizwan. Second Pakistani wicketkeeper to score a ton in the fourth innings. Nine from the over, and Lyon's figures: 4/112 in 55 overs. Pakistan need 67 runs. PAK - 439/7 (171)

6:07 PM IST: Byes

Marnus Labuschagne, the part-time leg-spinner, gets his first over. Four byes off the third ball. Pakistan need 76 runs. Two overs to go. PAK - 430/7 (170)

6:00 PM IST: Dropped

Mitchell Swepson continues. And Usman Khawaja drops Mohammad Rizwan (91 off 167) at extra cover off the last ball. Straight and easy. Four from the over. Pakistan need 80 runs. Three overs remaining. PAK - 426/7 (169)

5:55 PM IST: Maiden

Nauman Ali does well to block/play Nathan Lyon. A maiden. Pakistan need 84 runs. Four overs to go. PAK - 422/7 (168)

5:51 PM IST: Rizwan Six

Mitchell Swepson continues. Mohammad Rizwan hits the first ball for a six over backward square leg. And five dots. Pakistan need 84 runs in five overs. Australia need three wickets. PAK - 422/7 (167)

5:44 PM IST: 7 Overs To Go

Mitchell Swepson returns. Two from it. Pakistan need 90 runs. 36 runs and three wickets in the last 10 overs. PAK - 416/7 (165)

5:38 PM IST: Lyon Again

Nathan Lyon continues. A dot, and Sajid Khan lofts it over mid-wicket for his first four. And another four, this time an off-drive. Then, another wicket for Lyon. A leading edge off the last ball. Khan goes for nine off 10. Caught by Steve Smith. Lyon's figures: 4/103. Pakistan need 92 runs. Australia need three wickers. PAK - 414/7 (164)

5:34 PM IST: Rizwan Fours

Pat Cummins returns for his 26th over. Mohammad Rizwan plays a cracking cover drive for a four off the second ball. Then pulls the fifth for another four. Rizwan on 79 off 149. Pakistan need 100 runs. PAK - 406/6 (163)

5:29 PM IST: Lyon Continues

Pat Cummins persists with Nathan Lyon. Two singles. Pakistan need 108 runs. Ten overs remaining. PAK - 398/6 (162)

5:24 PM IST: New Ball

Third new ball taken. And Mitchell Starc will get the first crack. Four dots, then Mohammad Rizwan drives the fifth for a four. Impeccable timing. He is on 70 off 140. Pakistan need 110 runs. PAK - 396/6 (161)

5:19 PM IST: No Hat-trick

No hat-trick as new man Sajid Khan blocks the last ball. Pakistan need 114 runs in 12 overs. PAK - 392/6 (160)

5:16 PM IST: Lyon On A Hat-trick

And what. Two in two. New man Faheem Ashraf goes for a first-ball duck, caught at slip by Steve Smith. Game on in Karachi. PAK - 392/6 (159.5).

Now, the table is turned. Australia have 12.1 overs to dismiss the remaining Pakistan batters.

5:13 PM IST: Babar Goes

Nathan Lyon on with his 50th over. Three dots and the big wicket of Babar Azam. Bat-pad and Marnus Labuschagne completed the catch. Azam goes for 196 off 425. A double hundred remains elusive for him. Pakistan need 114 runs. 392/5 (159.4)

5:10 PM IST: 0/140 For Swepson

Mitchell Swepson with his 50th over. Babar Azam hits the fourth ball for a four, past cover. Ten from the over. Pakistan need 114 runs. PAK - 392/4 (159)

Swepson's figures: 50-8-140-0

5:01 PM IST: 124 In 15 Overs

Nathan Lyon continues. A maiden to Mohammad Rizwan. Pakistan need 124 runs in 15 overs. PAK - 382/4 (157)

4:51 PM IST: 17 Overs Remaining

Nathan Lyon on with his 48th over. A single off the first, then five dots to Babar Azam. Pakistan need 126 runs in 17 overs. 31 runs in the last ten overs. PAK - 380/4 (155)

4:45 PM IST: 100-run Stand

Mitchell Swepson on with his 49th over. A single off the first and a 100-run stand in 209 balls. Pakistan need 129 runs. PAK - 377/4 (153.1)

4:40 PM IST: 131 More

Mitchell Swepson on with his 48th over. Three singles. Pakistan need 131 runs. PAK - 375/4 (152)

4:34 PM IST: Drinks

Nathan Lyon on. Three singles. Babar Azam (189 off 396) and Mohammad Rizwan (54 off 111) have added 95 for the fifth wicket. Pakistan need another 134 runs in 21 overs. 372/4 (151)

4:30 PM IST: Rizwan Fifty

Pat Cummins continues. Mohammad Rizwan pulls the third ball for a four, a dot then a couple to complete his fifty, in 106 balls. Pakistan need 137 runs. PAK - 369/4 (150)

4:20 PM IST: Babar Record

Pat Cummins returns for his 24th over. And hit Mohammad Rizwan on the gloves with the first ball. A single for the pain. Three dots, then a single. Two from the over. Pakistan need another 146 runs. 30 runs in the last ten overs. PAK - 360/4 (148)

Earlier, Babar Azam (187) became the captain with the highest score in a 4th innings, getting past Michael Artherton's 185 not out against South Africa in 1995.

4:12 PM IST: 149 More

Nathan Lyon continues. Babar Azam hits the fifth for a four. Eight from the over. Pakistan need 149 runs. 80 runs in 166 for the fifth wicket between Babar Azam (187) and Mohammad Rizwan (41). PAK - 357/4 (146)

4:05 PM IST: 157 In 27 Overs

Mitchell Swepson on with his 46th over. Three from it. Pakistan need 157 runs in 27 overs. PAK - 349/4 (145)

3:53 PM IST: Another Stand Brewing

Nathan Lyon continues. Two singles from his 42nd over. Babar Azam (180 off 373) and Mohammad Rizwan (30 off 80) are already in a 61-run stand. Pakistan need 168 runs. PAK - 338/4 (142)

3:40 PM IST: Big Over

Nathan Lyon on with his 40th over. Babar Azam hits the second for a six, over the bowler's head. And a four off the last ball, to fine leg. 10 from the over. Pakistan need 176 runs. PAK - 330/4 (138)

3:35 PM IST: Final Session Starts

Mohammad Rizwan hits back-to-back fours to show the intent. 12 from Mitchell Swepson's 42nd over. PAK - 320/4 (137)

3:14 PM IST: Tea

Nathan Lyon with the last over before tea. A maiden to Babar Azam. Marnus Labuschagne almost pulls off a stunning catch at short leg off the fourth. 21 runs in the last ten overs. Babar Azam (168 off 363) and Mohammad Rizwan (14 off 54) in an unbeaten stand of 33 off 106. Pakistan need 196 runs in 36 overs. PAK - 310/4 (136)

3:00 PM IST: Mitchell Swepson on with his 40th over. Babar Azam hits the first for a four, and 300 up for Pakistan. A single, then review for LBW against Mohammad Rizwan (on 10). Hitting top of the leg and another umpire's call. Aussies not happy. Five from the over. Pakistan need 202 runs. 39 overs remaining. PAK - 304/4 (133)

2:42 PM IST: Babar Escapes

Nathan Lyon on with 36th over. A massive shout for LBW against Babar Azam (on 157) off the fourth over. Original decision not out and Australia take the review. Clipping leg stump and umpire's call. Australia not happy. They retain the review. Seven runs from the over. PAK - 297/4 (128)

2:30 PM IST: 125 Overs Done

Cameron Green on with his 13th over. Two runs from it. His figures: 13-3-30-1. Pakistan need 217 runs. PAK - 289/4 (125)

2:14 PM IST: Drinks

Nathan Lyon on with his 33rd over. A single off the third. And drinks.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are unbeaten on 151 and 7 runs respectively. 25 runs and one wicket in the last ten overs. Pakistan need 221 runs. PAK - 285/4 (122)

1:57 PM IST: Captains To The Fore

Pat Cummins gets his second. Fawad Alam (9 off 27) caught behind. Easy for Alex Carey. Mohammad Rizwan is the new man. Pakistan need 229 runs. PAK - 277/4 (118.3)

1:54 PM IST: 150 For Babar

Nathan Lyon returns. Four from the over. With a single off the fifth ball, Babar Azam reaches his 150 (off 311 balls, with 16 fours). Pakistan need 229 runs. PAK - 277/3 (118)

1:42 PM IST: Starc Continues

Mitchell Starc continues. Three from his 19th over. 29 runs and one wicket in the last ten. The stand between Babar Azam (146) and Fawad Alam (8) is now worth 23 in 43. Pakistan need 234 runs. PAK - 272/3 (116)

1:23 PM IST: Starc On

Mitchell Starc on with his 17th over. Five from the over. His figures so far: 17-6-41-0. Babar Azam and Fawad Alam unbeaten on 136 off 6 runs respectively. PAK - 260/3 (112)

1:15 PM IST: Play Resumes

Pat Cummins resumes post-lunch proceedings. A single from his 19th over. Pakistan need 251 runs. PAK - 255/3 (111)

12:31 PM IST: Lunch

Mitchell Starc with his 16th over. Five from the over. Babar Azam and Fawad Alam are unbeaten on 133 off 283 and 3 off 4 respectively. Pakistan need another 252 runs. PAK - 254/3 (110).

12:25 PM IST: Stand Broken

Aussie skipper gets the job done. Nothing to drive and Abdullah Shafique is out, caught at first slip by Steve Smith. The Pakistan opener goes for 96 off 305. And that ends a massive stand of 525 balls which yielded 228 runs. Pat Cummins' figures so far: 18-5-50-1. Fawad Alam is the new man. Pakistan need 257 runs. PAK - 249/3 (108.6)

12:04 PM IST: Stand Grows

Mitchell Swepson continues. For runs from the over. His figures so far: 36-7-88-0. Abdullah Shafique (92 off 294) and Babar Azam (129 268) in a 202-run stand off 501 balls. Some stand. Pakistan need 263 runs. PAK - 243/2 (105)

11:48 AM IST: 100th Over

Nathan Lyon with the 100th over of the innings. A maiden to Abdullah Shafique. Lyon's figures: 26-7-51-1. Pakistan need 278 runs. PAK - 228/2 (100)

11:32 AM IST: Drinks

Nathan Lyon on with his 24th over. Marnus Labuschagne claims a catch at forward short-leg off the second ball. Umpires review and it's a bounce. Abdullah Shafique nit amused. A maiden. Pakistan need 282 runs. The stand is now worth 203 in 447 balls. PAK - 224/2 (96)

11:18 AM IST: 200-run Stand

A single off the last ball. And 200-run stand for Abdullah Shafique (79 off 255) and Babar Azam (120 off 229) in 424 balls. Three from Cameron Green's 10th over. Pakistan need 285 runs. PAK - 221/2 (92)

11:05 AM IST: Target Less Than 300

Bowling change. Mitchell Swepson on with his 28th over. Babar Azam hits back-to-back fours to welcome back the spinner. And the target is under 300. And a shout for LBW off the last ball against the Pakistan skipper. No review though. Pakistan need 294 runs. PAK - 212/2 (89)

10:59 AM IST: 200 Up

Pat Cummins on with his 16th over. Three off the first ball, including two overthrows. David Warner hits the stumps at the non-striker's end but ricocheted. And 200 up for Pakistan. Two singles, then a dot to Babar Azam. One more. A single to end the over. Pakistan need 302 runs. PAK - 204/2 (88)

10:45 AM IST: Pakistan Need 311

Mitchell Starc continues. Babar Azam takes a single off the first ball, to point. And five dots to Abdullah Shafique. Pakistan need 311 runs. PAK - 195/2 (85)

10:39 AM IST: Quiet Start

Pat Cummins on with the second over of the day. A single off the fourth. Mitchell Starc bowled a wide in the previous over. PAK - 194/2 (84)

10:30 AM IST: Play Begins

Mitchell Starc with the first over of the day. Abdullah Shafique (71) to take the strike. Babar Azam (102) is his batting partner. Pakistan need 314.

Day 5 Preview

More than two years after he scored his last hundred, Babar Azam timed his century perfectly. The Pakistan skipper showed his class and temperament on Tuesday as Pakistan battled Australian bowlers on a hot day in Karachi.

Till Monday, it was all about Australia. Day 4 was won by the Pakistanis as Babar Azam (unbeaten on 102) and Abdullah Shafique (batting on 71) stitched a valuable 171-run partnership for the third wicket to keep the hosts afloat and Australians frustrated.

Pakistan still need an improbable 314 runs to achieve a world record run chase on the last day or survive the remaining 90 overs to deny Australia taking a 1-0 lead in the three-match series. Pakistan’s highest successful chase in Test matches is 382 for 3 in 2015 when they beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets at Pallekele.

Australia still have the advantage in this Test. Batting will be a challenge on Day 5. Australia will come out charging with the second new ball. Spin and reverse swing, seen in plenty in this PAK vs AUS game, will also come into play. The first Test in Rawalpindi ended in a draw.


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