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ETH To Reach $5K After ETF Approvals - What Does That Mean For Altcoin Markets?

$PLAY, $SEAL, $WAI, $DAWGZ, $DICE, $99BTC, and $DCARS are altcoins poised to explode after ETH ETF approval. Check out why!

ETH To Reach $5K

The U.S. SEC has approved spot Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to be traded on U.S.-based stock exchanges. On May 23, the SEC approved exchange applications to list and trade spot ether ETFs, thus enabling the potential approval of the funds themselves. Before this decision, only Ethereum futures ETFs had received approval for trading in the United States. ETFs are investment vehicles that bear a resemblance to mutual funds, but their trading is more similar to stocks on stock exchanges that function in a traditional way.

Futures are intricate derivative investments designed to track the price of an asset in the future, whereas spot ETFs track the current price of an investment. Consequently, there is a growing curiosity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors regarding the implications of potential ETH ETF approvals on Ethereum and the wider crypto industry. This article will shed light on the altcoins poised to explode during this period!

7 Altcoins Poised to Explode Once The Price of ETH Hits $5k

The current price of Ethereum is $3,815.53, according to CoinMarketCap. There is a 22.25% price increase over the last 30 days. Some analysts believe ETH could reach $5k after the ETF approvals. It is anticipated that during this time, altcoins with utility and meme coins will be in high demand, and these are the altcoins poised to explode:

  1. PlayDoge ($PLAY)

  2. Sealana ($SEAL)

  3. WienerAI ($WAI)

  4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ)

  5. Mega Dice ($DICE)

  6. 99Bitcoins ($99BTC)

  7. Dreamcars ($DCARS)

Take a closer look at these altcoins since they are poised to explode after Ethereum hits $5k!

1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) – Play2Earn Meme Coin With Tamagotchi Theme

PlayDoge ($PLAY)
PlayDoge ($PLAY)

PlayDoge is a groundbreaking play-to-earn (P2E) mobile game that aims to bring the Tamagotchi theme back to life with its 2D 8-bit universe. It offers investors an opportunity to experience this game again but in a new way.

Fused with blockchain, this is a unique opportunity to care for a virtual pet, play with it, and get rewarded for it. There will also be mini-games that will enable players to earn additional tokens. Make strategic use of your $PLAY tokens to access exclusive Play-to-Earn rewards and secure your tokens in time!

2. WienerAI ($WAI) – Innovative Meme Coin Generating Massive Attention

WienerAI ($WAI)
WienerAI ($WAI)

WienerAI emerges as a trailblazer in innovation, seamlessly blending the adored canine theme with Al and blockchain. This interesting project embodies a user-friendly crypto trading bot poised to revolutionize the market.

This endeavor embraces AI-driven trading, ensuring every user can access a bot for tailored guidance in crypto investing. As AI technology evolves, WienerAI stands at the forefront as a meme coin leading the charge. If you aspire to be part of the meme coin evolution, seize this opportunity and maximize its potential!

3. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) - Base Meme Coin Poised To Explode

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) presale was initiated recently, but it has already managed to spark considerable buzz as the top crypto to invest in across various news outlets. Notable mentions come from Finbold in the FinTech sector and TheBitTimes, a platform that tracks new meme coin launches.

Base Dawgz has hit the ground running, amassing over $200k in funding on its debut day—a clear indicator of its promising potential. With its multi-chain capabilities and groundbreaking share-to-earn functionality, its potential is clear, so make sure you add it to your portfolio sooner rather than later!

4. Sealana ($SEAL) – Meme Coin Riding the Wave of Success in the Crypto Seas

Sealana ($SEAL)
Sealana ($SEAL)

Sealana ($SEAL) emerges as a rising star, garnering immense interest during its presale phase. Sealana's presale surpasses $3 million, a testament to robust investor enthusiasm. The coin's mascot, a plump seal named Sealana, embodies the essence of a typical crypto trader, infusing humor and internet culture to foster a vibrant community.

Sealana's presale triumph owes much to its multi-chain strategy, enabling purchases via Solana, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. This inclusive approach broadens its appeal, enticing a diverse array of investors, so join them before the launch!

5. Mega Dice ($DICE) – Popular GameFi Token Attracting Growing Community of Players

Mega Dice stands as a titan in the crypto casino realm, boasting an expansive library of over 4,500 games ranging from slots to premium live casino experiences and engaging game shows. Beyond gaming, Mega Dice ventures into crypto futures trading, allowing users to earn $DICE tokens.

Prospective holders of $DICE unlock a plethora of perks across the platform. Selected $DICE holders and Mega Dice players will receive exclusive limited edition NFTs, granting access to privileged benefits and rewards. The clear utility attracts investments, confirming the enormous growth potential of this project! For best casino experience, visit

6. 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) – The Learn2Earn Platform Investors Find Irreplaceable

Now that the ETH ETF is here, the crypto market is expected to flourish, and it will be harder for investors to decide which cryptos to invest in. This is especially challenging for investors who are just beginning their journey. This is where the 99Bitcoins platform will come in handy.

It introduces the learn-to-earn concept, which is beneficial on many levels. Investors will be able to learn about the cryptos that they are interested in and also get real-time trading signals that will surely help with maximizing profits. Make sure you secure your tokens before the presale ends!

7. Dreamcars ($DCARS) – Crypto Opening the World of Luxury Cars to Investors

Dreamcars ($DCARS) stands as a pioneering cryptocurrency revolutionizing the luxury car market by facilitating the buying, selling, and trading of high-end vehicles on the blockchain. It introduces a novel approach to luxury car ownership, allowing $DCARS token holders to own fractional shares of car-backed NFTs.

These fractional NFTs represent physical luxury cars and can be acquired using $DCARS tokens. This innovative cryptocurrency offers additional benefits, such as staking rewards and exclusive discounts for VIP token holders, so if you wish to explore all the perks, this is your chance.


The ETH ETF approval has come as a surprise, but it could be highly beneficial for investors in the following period. According to some analysts, the meme coin frenzy could intensify, as could the demand for coins with concurrent utility. Therefore, $PLAY, $SEAL, $WAI, $DAWGZ, $DICE, $99BTC, and $DCARS are the cryptos investors should pay close attention to in the following period. Since they are in the presale phase, secure your tokens in time!

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