Who Will Be My Future Life Partner

One can check who and how will be your future wife from your birth chart? The article will explain how to know about your future wife. But understand how knowing about the future wife helps you select the best better half for you.

Vinay Bajrangi

Who and how will be my future life partner is a very natural anxiety reaching a certain age. As humans, we all crave companionship and to find our soul mate. We spend considerable time searching for that perfect partner who will complete us in every way possible. Gone are the days when parents will decide who should be your future life partner. The criteria for finding the best life partner has changed considerably for professionals who want a partner with perfect compatibility in their personal and professional lives.

Therefore, finding the right spouse can be an overwhelming task, and sometimes it feels like we are looking for a needle in a haystack. But if you can have a brief glance at your birth chart, you can get a good sketch of your future spouse. Yes, your seventh house tells all about your future life partner. A very important point here is that sometimes you miss a partner due to certain traits that do not match your aspirations, but maybe destiny will finally take you to that type of partner only.

By analysing your horoscope, astrology can indicate how your future life partner will be and provide valuable insights into the traits of your future spouse. You can know your future life partner's name/nature/social status/career path from your horoscope. So, you are narrowing down your search within that sketch.

How to select future life partner

How to select right life partner depends on two main aspects: 

  1. Set the parameters of your choice and start searching in that direction. Once you got one, go for the second step.

  2. Check the compatibility between you and your life partner. Yes, this is more important than simply finding a future life partner. 

Both these aspects are in your own hands, and you have full liberty to set your own standards and get the compatibility evaluated.

Whether male or female, you all have personal preferences, family values, and professional aspirations embedded in you over 25/30 years. This surely would have inculcated many traits in your personality, habits, behaviour, expectations, likes and dislikes that you have seen in the married life of your parents, siblings, friends and social circle. And you certainly would have a sketch of your dream soulmate.

Of course, you have many portals, sources, family members, social circles, and friends to suggest the best future life partner: Nothing wrong or unusual here.

But then this is your life, and if you follow the above two steps, you decide according to your own choice and after getting convinced that your chosen life partner is compatible with you. This narration will explain how you can know about your future spouse and refine your search in that direction. How do you select the best spouse for you?

Know all about your future wife from your birth chart

One can check who and how will be your future wife from your birth chart? The article will explain how to know about your future wife. But understand how knowing about the future wife helps you select the best better half for you.

You need a wife with personality and looks as you desire. A female who respects you and your family (her in-laws), stands by you in your professional decisions and is ready to move with you if necessary. Is a completely healthy woman able to take care of kids properly in the present times? Many combinations in your seventh house help you find the future wife. Based on your horoscope reading, astrology can provide insights into your future wife's positive and negative traits. A good Venus brings you a wife to love and many luxuries for life. Just a small example: what if your horoscope is destined to get a wife with malefic Mars (the planet for aggression): can you expect the above discipline from such a female? That is where knowing all about your future wife's nature, habits, and professional aspirations from your horoscope helps you.

Important Note: no one is perfect, and everyone has positive and negative traits. By understanding these characteristics beforehand, you are well informed about the potential challenges that may arise in your relationship. Knowing future wife life partner's strengths/weaknesses in advance can help you appreciate/adjust with her more fully as a partner.

Know about your future husband from birth chart

To Knowing about your future husband from your horoscope can give you a slightly different perception while shaping your ideas about the future wife. In today's time, professional stability is the most important point, but there may be a small factor that, due to professional hobnobbing, can cause issues of loyalty and love in the long run. It is not imperative, but it is a possibility that may even be unintentional. Another important factor is the husband's future professional locations and how he will react if you are also a professional. Jupiter is the most important Karaka for the future husband to ensure longevity and the wisdom to handle post-marriage.

You need a husband who can stand for you in any eventuality and give you the sense of WatchGuard. A person who is not excessively spiritual (Ketu impact) or inclined towards his family. The person who will act in the family as you have seen your father and brothers. Like that, so many things about future husband can be seen from the 7th house in your horoscope.

Again no one is perfect, but then a foresight to know about future husband's many traits/strengths/weaknesses can make you aware and prepared to handle many situations accordingly.

How to assess future life partner's characteristics.

You can assess all about future life partner from your birth chart. Your seventh house in astrology tells all about your future life partner. There are combinations to assess your future life partner's personality/profession/health/financial status/name/origin/likes, dislikes and many more things. Now read briefly the combinations seen to know all about your future life partner, be it the future wife or future husband.

Combinations seen for future life partner

There are specific combinations seen for future life partner predictions.  The position of different planets in your seventh house indicates how will be your future life partner's personality/nature and temperament.

Let us (briefly) read the combinations seen for future life predictions. This is just a brief about combinations seen for future life predictions. All these future life predictions are made from your birth chart.

  • Sun in the 7th house will give you a spouse with might, self-ego and inflated feelings. Means an authoritative spouse.

  • Moon in the 7th house will get a sympathetic, god-fearing, devoted and soft-hearted person.  

  • Mars in the 7th house shows your life partner can be aggressive, impatient, always demanding, and less compromising.

  • Mercury in the 7th house indicates life partner will have excellent communication skills and refined person.

  • Jupiter in the 7th house indicates that the life partner will be knowledgeable (Guru), have a good education, learn and grasp power, be practical in life and have the wisdom to deal with things diligently.

  • Venus in the 7th house gives you the luckiest life partner, lovely, charming, attractive , affectionate, and a person with luxury in your life.

  • Saturn in the 7th house gives you a karma-oriented person highly focused on professional life, conjugal relationships and not good for a happy marital bliss.

  • Rahu in the 7th house first can delay in finding the life partner and then gives a life partner overboard, inclined towards too much materialistic tendencies, marital discontent and not a very good position for the future wife/husband. 

  • Ketu in the 7th house can get you a life partner, highly spiritual, indifferent towards worldly pleasures, a little away from normal marital bliss,  actually reverse of Rahu effects.

The 10th house in the horoscope represents career, but it also represents the social status of your spouse, and the position of its ruling planet can indicate the social status of your future spouse. For example, if benefic planets are in the 10th house or aspects it, it can signify that your future spouse will come from a well-respected family or have a high social standing.

Astrology provides insights into the career path of your future spouse by analyzing the position of planets in the fourth house of your birth chart. The Navamsa horoscope's specific reading can indicate how far away your future spouse may be from you.

However, none of these planetary combinations are seen in isolation because one particular planetary position does not mean the other planets have stopped giving results. So, for the correct predictions of future life partner needs to see the impact of all malefic and benefic planets in the seventh house. One can read more about combinations seen for future life predictions on the link below.

With a proper evaluation of your seventh house and tenth house also can give you predictions about how and who will be your future life partner.

In addition to the above characteristics, future life partner's predictions also help you to know all about your future wife/husband. One can read more: how will be my future life partner to get a wealth of ideas to help you better understand the topic. All these factors help you narrow your search to target and select the life partner of your choice.

Then comes the most important aspect of marital bliss: how to check your compatibility with your future life partner. Many people are scared of major doshas like Mangal dosha, Nadi dosha, Bhakoot dosha, Gun dosha, etc, which results in low chart matching scores.

Just a concluding note:

Don't worry if the matching score is low. Read what to do if matching points are low

Don't worry about Mangal dosha.. Read  what to do for Mangal Dosha

You follow these simple steps, and I assure you of a timely marriage because you have squeezed your search into a well-informed sketch. Then, you can marry after checking compatibility; you will never have to turn to an astrologer to discuss your marital affairs.  For any specific query, connect with my office at 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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