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Natural Appetite Suppressants Are The Best For Losing Weight - A Quick & Useful List!

Natural appetite suppressants have been used for generations to tackle various health issues and the shortage of supply during harsh times, making them integral parts of various cultures across the globe.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

The world is full of culinary marvels, from oriental meals to laid-out buffets, it is difficult for a true foodie to control their desires. An easy way out would be to reduce appetite and consume things that can fill you up by even eating fewer amounts of it. Well, we have brought together this blog to help you find these foods that can help you keep a check on your weight and naturally suppress your appetite. Natural appetite suppressants have been used for generations to tackle various health issues and the shortage of supply during harsh times, making them integral parts of various cultures across the globe.

What Are Natural Appetite Suppressants?

Food substances that curb hunger naturally are called natural appetite suppressants. That’s a very simple way to define them, but natural appetite suppressants have several layers to their functioning. We advise you to consult a physician before taking any radical appetite suppressants on your own. However, these substances have been characterized as high-protein, high-fiber food products since they increase your satiety by slowing digestion, affecting hormone secretions, and boosting metabolism, all in a natural way! The best weight loss pills across the world cannot assure you of their safety, however, natural appetite suppressants can be a regular part of your diet without being a burden on your body.

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How Effective Are Natural Appetite Suppressants?

If you’re always munching on something, you must really consider the fact that your body is also constantly in the process of digestion. Hence, a lot of your other bodily functions remain on the downside. A study conducted at the University of Birmingham closed the experiment with the following result:

“Green tea can be helpful in reducing body weight and boosting metabolism when taken in quantities of less than 500 mg per day for more than 12 weeks”

This happens only because of the appetite-suppressing capabilities of green tea. Green tea is considered one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants and is consumed by millions of individuals worldwide.

Are there any Side Effects?

You can have side effects from natural appetite suppressants owing to their peculiar nature. Usually, these compounds have no adverse side effects and you should always consider talking to a physician before you start regular usage of any suppressant. Some of the common side effects are listed below.

  • Feeling Nauseated

  • Issues with Digestion

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia

  • Irregular Heart Rate

  • Dizziness

It is highly recommended, time and again, to consult your physician before starting your journey with natural appetite suppressants, in case you are on any kind of medication or treatment. Even the best appetite suppressant does not work, if you don’t take it properly, as per the guidelines provided by your healthcare professional.

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Top 5 Effective Natural Appetite Suppressants

We went through lists of old and verified appetite suppressants and put together this compilation of the best appetite suppressants known to man. Incorporate these items into your diet and you shall experience a radical change in the way your appetite seems to work. Here are the best appetite suppressants that can be easily found and blended with your diet, let’s check them out.

  1. Fenugreek

  2. Glucomannan

  3. Gymnema sylvestre

  4. Green tea extract

  5. Coffee

Some of the items on the list might be unheard of but they all come from verifiable natural sources and can be used without the worry of an adverse side-effect. Let us take a deep gander at these items and understand how they can be inserted into your regular diet without causing a problem.


Fenugreek is a commonly used spice in many parts of the world. Various parts of the Fenugreek plant can be consumed in diverse ways. However, we will be talking about Fenugreek seeds, a key natural appetite suppressant. Fenugreek seeds are packed boxes of soluble fiber. After entering your digestive tract these seeds fuse with water to create a gel-like substance, taking up more space in your tummy. Fenugreek has been known for its appetite-suppressing qualities for ages. Here are some of the benefits of consuming Fenugreek to curb hunger naturally.



  • Bringing Your Calorie Intake Down: When you feel full, you will not feel like having another sandwich, or an extravagant dessert. Thus, Fenugreek reduces your calorie intake by promoting satiety in your system. Lower calorie intake directly affects your weight and enhances your metabolism.

  • Blood Sugar Under Check: The use of Fenugreek has been closely related to reducing blood sugar levels. The soluble fiber in Fenugreek absorbs excess sugars from your system and helps you operate with just as much sugar as your body requires!

  • Helping Out Your Tummy!: Fenugreek is known to have super-digestive qualities helping you to get off all that food that you just had. Hence, you digest your food faster and would still feel full from the meal that you had hours ago. This in turn contributes to burning fat, reducing your body weight considerably.

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Probable Side Effects of Fenugreek:

Fenugreek has proven to be a safe and effective natural appetite suppressant, time and again! Usually, people have reported great results from the usage of Fenugreek under moderation. Here are some of the probable side effects of the substance which you should be aware of.

  • Allergies: You are definitely not recommended to use Fenugreek as a natural appetite suppressant if you are allergic to it. Goes without saying that it may cause severe allergic reactions instead of promoting weight loss is used in an unwarranted way.

  • Interactions With Other Medication: Stay cautious about any interactions that substantial consumption of Fenugreek can have with other chemicals.

  • Digestive Hurdles: Being so high in fiber, Fenugreek is known to cause bloating and digestion issues in some cases. It is very much recommended to keep your Fenugreek consumption under check.


  • Fenugreek can be easily used as a natural appetite suppressant, however, using it in moderation is highly recommended.

  • After consumption, Fenugreek is supposed to give you the feeling of being bloated, though it is a completely natural reaction to the substance.

  • In case of any physical discomfort, do rush to your closest physician to have it checked out.

  • Also, the substance cannot work on its own! Fenugreek usage should be coupled with a healthy diet and exercise for the desired results.


Praise the Konjac plant for giving us this amazing natural appetite suppressant - Glucomannan. It is a watery, soluble fiber associated with appetite suppression since the dawn of modern medicine. Glucomannan works in a rather simple way! It swiftly fills your stomach by mixing with water and swelling up. Besides being one of the best appetite suppressants, Glucomannan is also known for reducing unhealthy fats within our system.



  • Slowing Down Digestion: Glucomannan naturally reduces the rate of digestion, preventing you from craving a meal now and then. The soluble fiber stays in your tummy for longer periods, improving dietary absorption as well.

  • Blood Sugar Control: If you have erratic blood sugar levels, Glucomannan can help you keep a check on it as well. This is one of the major reasons why Glucomannan is preferred and used by health enthusiasts across the globe.

  • Cholesterol Killer: Glucomannan can be your next best friend if you are looking to control your cholesterol while getting slim. Studies show that Glucomannan efficiently binds to unhealthy fats and helps you excrete them effortlessly.

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Probable Side Effects of Glucomannan

As a safe natural appetite suppressant, Glucomannan has earned a reputation for itself. Physicians have prescribed regulated amounts of Glucomannan to control various worrying parameters of the human body. Here are some of the side effects of this drug that should be kept in mind while using it.

  • Don’t Choke Please!: Glucomannan can rapidly swell and choke you while swallowing. The reason is that Glucomannan expands rapidly when it comes in contact with water. It is suggested that you consume Glucomannan with the optimal amount of water.

  • Pharmacological Interactions: Always keep a check on the medication that you intake with Glucomannan. Have your doctor review your diet and calibrate your medication according to your required consumption of the substance.

  • Issues With Digestion: The intake of Glucomannan has been related to digestive problems in some cases. If you encounter such an issue, reach out to a physician to regulate your usage.


  • Glucomannan is available in various forms including capsules, powders and tablets, all effective in their own milieu. Consume as suggested by your dietician.

  • Always prefer to start with a minimal dose and then work your way up to more prominent doses. This is a tip to ensure you avoid all adverse side effects of using a natural appetite suppressant.

  • Knowing the suppressing nature of Glucomannan, you must always ensure that it does not interfere with any other medication that you might be under.

  • Ideally, it should be taken an hour before any meal with a substantial amount of water.

Gymnema Sylvestre


Now this is an age-old recipe to bring down your desire to eat. Gymnema Sylvestre or Gurmar, is a prolifically used natural appetite suppressant used in various parts of the world. It is available in various forms including teas, capsules, powders, etc. Gymnemic acid found in this substance is directly responsible for blocking your sweet tasting ability, bringing down urges and appetite as a whole. This is also famously known as a safe appetite suppressant because of its native use in the continents of Asia and Africa. Let us see how it can benefit your weight loss regime.


  • Bring Down Your Urge For Sugar: Gymnema Sylvestre is popularly used as a compound which helps you curb your sugar cravings. This can be truly helpful for people looking to lose mass as sugars are the main contributors to unrequited body weight.

  • Burn Your Fat With Tea: Historically, Gymnema Sylvestre was consumed in the form of tea to burn fat and control body weight. Years later, we still use it for the same purpose, along with more comprehensive methods to intake the substance.

  • Brings Your Cholesterol Down: This natural appetite suppressant is also known for bringing down LDL levels and triglyceride concentration in your blood. People looking for a soothing tea to lose weight while keeping their cholesterol under check, Gymnema Sylvestre is your best way to go.

Probable Side Effects of Gymnema Sylvestre

Though this compound is known to have little to no side effects when consumed in regulation, it is better to know about the probable things that it can cause discomfort with. Hence we have brought you a list of the side effects that this natural appetite suppressant might have.

  • A Weepy Tummy: Sometimes, consuming more than the required amount of Gymnema tea can cause loose motions and an upset stomach. It is recommended to have your doses calibrated by a dietician.

  • The Dangers of Low Blood Sugar: There is a possibility that you might run into dwindling levels of blood sugar due to consuming Gymnema Sylvestre, due to its ability to reduce the craving for sugar. This may cause fainting, dehydration and other issues, in turn. So watch it!

  • Medical Interactions: As usual, consult a doctor if you plan on starting consumptions and ensure that it does not interact with other medications that you are consuming currently. Avoiding this could lead to severe implications regarding your health.

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  • Gymnema Sylvestre is one of the best appetite suppressants known to us since a very long time.

  • It is recommended to use it according to the guidance provided by a healthcare professional.

  • Since it can be found in various forms, it's very easy to incorporate this substance into your regular diet.

Green Tea Extract


Probably the most popular natural appetite suppressant in the modern age, Green tea extract has its roots in ancient Asian cultures, known for its amazing ability to curb hunger and provide a relaxing vibe. Green tea extract has two active components, each of which serve a different function in the appetite suppressing process.

  • Caffeine: Caffeine is probably one of the most known compounds to mankind, owing to its multifaceted usage. Caffeine is largely found in hot beverages across the globe and green tea has a supple amount of it. Caffeine curbs your appetite and is also known for boosting your metabolism significantly.

  • Catechins: Particularly the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in Green tea extract, influence hormones involved in appetite regulation, such as norepinephrine and CCK. Norepinephrine can reduce hunger, while CCK signals a sense of fullness to the brain.


  • Curb That Appetite: Since the medieval ages, Green tea has been suggested to people facing problems with their weight. This is because Green tea actively reduces appetite and promotes a robust metabolism, eradicating excess sugars and fats from your blood.

  • Weight Management Tool: Green Tea extract is used widely in weight management routines suggested by professionals globally. So just start sipping, have a healthy lifestyle and you are good to go!

  • Metabolism Booster: This natural appetite suppressant also enhances your metabolism which promotes digestion, better circulation and provides you more energy levels to function throughout the day.

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Probable Side Effects of Green Tea Extract

Coming to side effects, Green tea is probably the safest known natural appetite suppressant. Still, there are some repercussions that can be faced while using this compound and we have brought a quick list of them.

  • Unprecedented Jitters: Caffeine is known to cause various side effects like insomnia, jitters, etc. Since green tea has caffeine, there is a chance that its overuse might befall sleepless nights and states of paranoia.

  • Digestive Hurdles: Green tea might cause some residual discomfort pertaining to digestive processes. It is recommended to understand the proper amount of green tea that suits you. I can vouch for this point, personally!


  • Safe, easily accessible and widely used natural suppressant Green Tea, is a splendid choice for those looking to blend their appetite suppressants within their regular diet.

  • Green tea extract also boosts your metabolism, helps you maintain healthy blood circulation and curbs appetite at the same time.

  • Keep in mind, it is important to choose a high-quality green tea extract which is standardized for EGCG content.



Yes! Coffee is a great natural appetite suppressant and has been naturally used by the masses to keep a check on their food habits. Coffee is widely consumed by individuals from across the globe but its appetite suppressing qualities are not that well known. Nevertheless, coffee provides an excellent option when you are looking for regular food items to suppress your hunger. Coffee increases your metabolic rate which speeds up digestion, burns fat and helps you to manage your appetite. Coffee works effortlessly because of these two factors mentioned below.

  • Reduced Ghrelin Levels: Ghrelin is a hormone produced in our bodies that stimulates hunger. Caffeine present in coffee is known to bring down the ghrelin levels in our blood, in turn reducing our urge to eat.

  • Increased peptide YY (PYY) Levels: PYY is a hormone that makes you feel full. It is the hormone which signals our brain that we should probably stop eating. Since, the consumption of coffee can directly increase your PYY levels, it also makes you feel like you have just eaten.


  • Reducing the Amount You Eat: Studies show that drinking coffee before meals, leads to decreased calorie intake due to loss of appetite, temporarily. A quick and simple way to stop yourself from overeating.

  • Rapid Energy Consumption: The caffeine in coffee can temporarily enhance metabolism and promote burning of fat, thus resulting in visible weight loss.

  • Work Hard, Stay Fit: Caffeine is a popular pre-workout because it enhances your performance energy and endurance levels while working out.

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Probable Side Effects of Coffee

Coffee is known as a natural appetite suppressant which has tackleable side effects. The common side effects of coffee overuse are as follows.

  • Sleepless Nights, Making You Lose Sight!: Coffee is popularly associated with sleep deprivation. Caffeine is known to produce side effects like insomnia, jitters, restlessness, etc. Just reduce your coffee consumption till these side effects fade away.

  • Rapid Heart Rate: Coffee also makes your heart rate jump loops and can make you feel breathless. Kindly consult a physician if the effect is too adverse.

  • Indigestion, Probably: Some people report severe digestive problems from the use of coffee. The dosage of coffee needs to be rationalized to ensure such a phenomenon is avoided.


  • Your plain old cup of coffee has super appetite suppressing abilities, though using it under regulation is strongly suggested.

  • You might encounter general side effects of drinking coffee because of the active component caffeine. Caffeine may also cause urges if consumed regularly.

  • Pregnant women or mothers who are currently breastfeeding should not consume coffee since caffeine can be really disastrous for your baby’s health.

General Tips For Suppressing Your Appetite

Though you can find several options to lose weight by reducing your appetite, combining it with the right kind of lifestyle will give you the best results. Everyday our body digests a host of components from various sources, but some components of your diet need to be regulated in order to live a long and healthy life. Here are some tips that can keep you on top of the health game.

  • Protein and Fiber-Rich Foods To The Rescue: Eat more protein and fibers regularly! Proteins are readily available in various food items like pulses, beans, etc. Usually proteins take a very long time to digest, hence making you feel sated for a longer time.

  • Hydrate Without Fail: Water is your friend if you want your natural appetite suppressant to work optimally. Consume at least 2-3 liters of water everyday to have a smooth metabolism and an uplifted energy level.

  • Exercise Regularly for Better Health: Physical activity is a prime catalyst for promoting a better metabolic system. Overall, it can lead to a healthy life where you can derive optimal results from your appetite suppressing routine.

  • Mindful Eating: Knowing what you eat can make you actively avoid food substances that might be harmful. Keep an eye on everything that you eat, including your water intake and you shall be good to go!

  • Avoid Processed Foods and Sugary Beverages: Sugars and processed foods specifically have compounds that can make you feel like eating more. Processed foods are made to enhance your appetite, in turn making you consume more food.

Follow these tips alongside your regulated use of natural appetite suppressants and it is expected that you will have great health and a fit body!

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Natural appetite suppressants work effectively when used in conjunction with a proper lifestyle. It is of high importance to know about these substances before starting off their usage. With a regulated routine which consists of all the food groups and invigorating physical exercise, losing weight or maintaining your fitness shall be a piece of cake. Do be sure to consult your health care professional before deciding to take any radical lifestyle changes like beginning the regular consumption of natural appetite suppressants. Staying fit is a journey, so take the right path and reach your goals, naturally!

Disclaimer: The above is a contributor post, the views expressed are those of the contributor and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.