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Rajasthan: Communal Tensions Erupt In Jaipur After Biker's Death

Rajasthan: Communal Tensions Erupt In Jaipur After Biker's Death

The biker was allegedly thrashed in a confrontation that followed a motorcycle accident between two persons. He allegedly died from the injuries from the thrashing.

Additional Rajasthan Police personnel have been deployed in the affected area of Jaipur to contain the situation
Additional Rajasthan Police personnel have been deployed in the affected area of Jaipur to contain the situation PTI/File Photo (Representative Photo)

Communal tensions erupted in Ramganj and nearby areas of Rajasthan's Jaipur on Saturday after a man died allegedly in a dispute over a motorcycle accident. 

Following an accident between two motorcycles, the deceased was allegedly thrashed by a group of men that led to his death, according to the police. 

The incident happened in the Subhash Chowk locality of Jaipur. The shops in the locality have been closed in the wake of the tensions.

The police told PTI that the two motorcycles collided in the Subhash Chowk area after which a group of men with one of the two riders thrashed the other rider late on Friday night. The injured rider, identified as Iqbal, was rushed to SMS hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, said the police. 

Several shops in the Muslim-dominated areas were shut down and family members of the deceased and locals gathered there are demanding action against the other side, reported PTI. 

Additional forces have been deployed in the area and efforts were being made to diffuse the tension, police told PTI. 

A purported video of the incident has also appeared in social media, but its authenticity cannot be independently confirmed. 

The India Today reported that six people have been detained in the case and compensatory measures have been announced for the deceased's family. 

The India Today reported, "Jaipur Administration has announced a compensation of Rs 50 lakh, job and a dairy booth for the family of Iqbal...Six people have been rounded-up by police in the case, according to police sources."

Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said that the incident was the result of a misunderstanding. He said that two motorcycles collided in Subhash Chowk after which a group of men present there thrashed two bystanders, mistaking them for being responsible for the accident.

Joseph told PTI, “After the accident, an unfortunate incident of road rage occurred in which two men, who had stopped there to see what had happened, were thrashed by a group of people."
He added, “One of the two men died. An FIR has been registered after which we have detained several people involved in the incident. The situation is normal now and complete peace will be restored soon."

Another police official said the accused live in the Subhash Chowk area while the deceased was a resident of Ramganj area. Both the localities are located in the walled city of Jaipur.

The situation is under control and forces, including the Special Task Force (STF), have been deployed in adequate numbers, DGP Umesh Mishra said, adding that drones are being used to monitor the area.

“Strict action as per the law will be taken against the accused in the case,” he said.

The post-mortem of the man killed was done at the Jaipur's Sawai Man Singh Hospital, police said.

The situation, however, did not worsen after quick action of rounding up the accused and swift deployment of the forces in the area, police said. “The situation in the area is under control,” they added.