Pak Parliament Bans Entry Of Some Social Media Influencers

After some YouTubers allegedly misbehaved with lawmakers, Pakistan's parliament banned the entry of social media influencers.

Pakistan Flag (photo for representational purposes only)

Pakistan’s parliament banned the entry of social media influencers after an incident when some YouTubers allegedly misbehaved with the lawmakers.
According to a statement issued by the National Assembly Secretariat on Friday, it “has banned the entry of unauthorised social media influencers, Youtubers, Tiktokers in the precincts of Parliament House.”
This decision was taken in the context of an incident of misbehavior with parliamentarians by some unauthorised YouTubers/social media influencers at Gate No.1 of the Parliament House on December 23 last year.
These YouTubers entered the precincts of the Parliament House without authorised entry, according to the statement.
The same incident was also conveyed to the President Press Reporters' Association (PRA) to seek its stance and it formally conveyed that it is only responsible for its members.
The PRA detached itself from YouTubers and social media influencers.
Furthermore, PRA also decided to ensure a ban on entry of unauthorised individuals in the Press Gallery and Press Lounge of the House.
It was also decided by the National Assembly Secretariat that entry of only those reporters, journalists, and Media personnel would be allowed who are associated with Accredited Media Organisations along with a Valid Registration card of the concerned Media organisation.
Social media influencers who are interested to cover the proceedings of the House may accredit themselves with the Press Information Department of the Ministry of Information to get a valid session card for entry into the Parliament House, read the statement.

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