Chhattisgarh Assembly Polls: PM Modi Blames Congress Of Making Laws To Benefit English Speakers, Not Poor, Adivasis

Attending a public rally in Chhattisgarh on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Congress Party of insulting Adivasi woman, President Doruadi Murmu several times.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends Chhattisgarh rally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday blamed the incumbent government ruled by the Congress for neglecting the poor and Adivasis and making laws to cater for the people who could speak in English.

While attending the rally in Surjapur, Chhattisgarh, PM Modi thanked the audience for their presence, he said, "It's a heart-touching moment for me that I am addressing such a big rally and you all have turned out in large numbers at this time of morning. I can't thank you enough for coming."

PM Narendra Modi on Congress rule

PM Narendra Modi targeted Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel over the alleged Mahadev betting app scam with the slogan “30 take kakka, khule aam satta” (30 per cent commission government, openly operating betting). Baghel is popularly called 'Kaka' (uncle) in the state.

He claimed, "You can't imagine how much Congress tried to stop (Droupadi Murmu from becoming the first Tribal President of India), but it was the BJP which ensured this honour to her." He further questioned, "Did anyone think that a woman coming from 'adivasi' family could become India's President."

Pointing out that Adivasi's population is nearly 9-10 crores, he stated that Congress never cared for them.

PM Modi also claimed, "In Congress rule, human trafficking and business of drugs are on rise in Surguja division of Chhattisgarh". 

He also said that the Congress government has failed to contain Naxalism in Chhattisgarh.

"Whenever the Congress comes to power in the country, terrorists and Naxalites get emboldened. News of bomb blasts and murders are reported from here and there. Wherever the Congress is in power, the rule of crime and loot prevails there," he said.

"In the recent period, our (BJP) party workers were snatched from us. A few days ago, our colleague (party leader) was shot you want to live under the shadow of bombs and guns? No matter how much money you have, if your son doesn't return home in the evening and his body reaches, then what is the need of that money,” he said.

Therefore, security is important for everyone and it is necessary to remove the Congress from every corner and polling booth, he said.