‘Will Soon Be In India’: Elon Musk After Meeting PM Modi In US

Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk said India has more promise than any large country in the world.

Twitter owner Elon Musk with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk on Wednesday said his company will be in India soon after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in US.

Musk also praised Modi saying: “"I'm a fan of Modi,” said NDTV report.

Modi started his three-day state visit to the US. 

"It was a fantastic meeting with the Prime Minister and I like him quite a lot. He visited our factory a few years ago. So, we have known each other for a while," Musk said, as per the report.

It added: "I am incredibly excited about the future of India. I think India has more promise than any large country in the world."

Modi had earlier met Musk in 2015 during a visit to Tesla Motors factory in California. 

"I am confident Tesla will be in India and will do so as soon as humanly possible,” Musk was quoted as having said.

He added:"PM Modi really cares about India because he is pushing us to make significant investment in India, which is something that we tend to do. We just have to figure out the right timing.”

"He really wants to do the right thing for India. He wants to be open, he wants to be supportive to the companies. And obviously, at the same time, make sure that it accrues to India's advantage,” he added.

Musk had earlier also reportedly said he was interested in the Indian market. 

On his meeting with Musk, Modi tweeted, "Great meeting you today @elonmusk! We had multifaceted conversations on issues ranging from energy to spirituality." 

To this, Musk replied,"It was an honour to meet again."

Modi also appreciated Musk's efforts at making technology accessible and affordable in various sectors, it said.

He invited Musk to explore opportunities in India for investments, the report said.

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