Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Shifting Tides: How The Cookie Crumbled For Congress In Goa

Split in opposition votes among TMC, AAP and RGP was unexpectedly large, a factor that crushed Congress’s aspirations and brought BJP to power

Shifting Tides
Shifting Tides Shifting Tides

Congressman and another in the line of many chief ministerial hopefuls, Michael Lobo, had gone for a run on Bambolim beach, a less popular, and more rocky than sandy stretch in North Goa, on the morning of March 9. The former BJP Minister, who recently joined the Congress to cash in on a seemingly rising wave of anti-incumbency, tweeted a confident photograph of himself wearing a tee and a pair of track pants at the empty beach with two mongrels lazing in the backdrop.

By the afternoon of March 10, his party, the Congress, had ended its electoral run, falling far  short of its majority aspirations. The night before, several of the 37 Congress candidates who were herded and shacked up together by the party at a nearby resort, could not have been blamed for wet dreaming visions of political success. Confident of a win, the party leaders had even sought an appointment with Goa Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai at 3 pm on Thursday (March 10), hoping that by then the party would have won enough seats to make a bid for power.