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Ohio Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Shooting Uber Driver Following Scam Call

The man is facing murder charges after he shot and killed an Uber driver who arrived at his home, believing she was picking up a package.

In this image taken from Uber dashcam video released by the Clark County, Ohio, Sheriff's Office, William Brock, right, holds a weapon to Uber driver Loletha Hall outside his home in South Charleston, Ohio, on March 25, 2024. Brock, 81, who authorities say fatally shot Hall who he thought was trying to rob him after scam phone calls deceived them both, was indicted on a murder charge, Monday, April 15, 2024, by a Clark County grand jury. Hall had no knowledge of the calls made to Brock, authorities said. Photo: AP

An 81-year-old man from Ohio is facing murder charges after allegedly shooting and killing an Uber driver who arrived at his residence, believing she was picking up a package. Both the elderly man and the driver appeared to have fallen victim to scam phone calls, according to the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

The victim, identified as Loletha Hall, was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds near the home of 81-year-old William Brock in South Charleston on March 25. Brock himself had called 911, reporting injuries to his head and ear, and was bleeding when law enforcement arrived at the scene.

Hall, a Black woman, was rushed to a Dayton hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

Investigations revealed that Brock had received a scam call earlier, falsely claiming that a relative of his was incarcerated and demanding a hefty sum of money for their release. The caller allegedly threatened Brock and demanded $12,000 to secure his nephew's freedom.

Later, the same caller, or an associate, utilized the Uber app to hire Hall for a delivery task to Brock's residence. Unaware of the threats made against Brock, Hall arrived at the scene to retrieve the package as requested.

According to authorities, Hall, who was unarmed and dealing with medical conditions, posed no threat to Brock upon her arrival. She simply inquired about the package she was assigned to collect.

Allegedly, Brock then confronted Hall with a firearm, demanding information about the individuals behind the threatening calls. He seized Hall's phone and prevented her from leaving, failing to contact law enforcement during the altercation.

As Hall attempted to return to her vehicle, Brock reportedly shot her, leading to a struggle near the car door. Subsequently, Brock fired two more shots at Hall before finally calling 911.

Brock faces charges of murder, carrying a potential sentence of 15 years to life imprisonment, with further charges under consideration by authorities. He pleaded not guilty, and bail was set at $200,000.

Law enforcement continues to search for the individuals behind the scam calls, emphasizing caution among residents, especially older citizens, when receiving unexpected requests for bail or financial assistance over the phone.

"The Clark County Sheriff's Office would like to take the opportunity to again remind residents, especially our older citizens, that no Law Enforcement Agency or Court will make contact with anyone in the manner of this case to solicit cash for bail," stated the sheriff's office, urging vigilance in such situations.