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'Hawk Tuah' Girl: Joe Rogan Reacts To How Viral Star Is Making Money Out Of Swift Fame | Video

Internet sensation 'Hawk Tuah' girl has captured global attention with her viral catchphrase, sparking a wave of memes. She also caught the attention of podcast legend Joe Rogan, who was stunned by her ability to make money off her newfound fame. Here's what he said.

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'Hawk Tuah' Girl & Joe Rogan Photo: X | YouTube Screengrab

Podcast veteran and UFC commentator Joe Rogan was impressed by how the hawk tuah woman quickly leveraged her sudden fame as she went viral.

If you've been online lately in late June, you've probably come across "hawk tuah" – the latest viral slang term taking the internet by storm.

In June 2024, a woman from Nashville became an internet sensation following her street interview with ‘TimandDeeTV’, where she coined the phrase "hawk tuah". This sparked a flood of memes featuring her memorable catchphrase.

Joe Rogan, known for his candid takes on trending topics, addressed the hawk tuah phenomenon on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, expressing his enthusiasm for the whole situation.

“I love moments like that, where one weird video that’s so funny that the whole world sees,” he said. “Especially the way she says it. She’s not pretending.”

Rogan went on to speculate about what the woman, now identified by some media outlets as Hailey Welch, might be doing with her newfound fame.

“She’s probably panicking,” he commented, as comedian Brian Simpson chimed in, “She’s making money! Yea bro, these kids, they own that social media.”

“Oh, I need to buy a shirt!” Rogan exclaimed, spotting the woman signing "Hawk Tuah 2024" hats.

Shortly after she and her catchphrase took off, Hailey Welch partnered with the clothing brand Fathead Threads to sell all sorts of merchandise.

“I wonder how much money she’s making off of this? Is it smart that she jumped right on it, because you gotta think it’s only been a few days,” he added. “She’s about to make some TikTok videos, just sitting there with a cup of coffee on the porch, like ‘let me tell you something.’"