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Donald Trump Found Guilty. See How Americans Are Responding As 2024 Election Nears

Americans across the country had mixed reactions to Donald Trump's conviction for falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump

Americans from coast to coast shared their thoughts on Thursday's shocking conviction of Donald Trump in his landmark criminal trial in New York.

Trump, the first former U.S. president and major party nominee found guilty of a crime, was convicted of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

This verdict could have huge political and societal effects with the presidential election just five months away, or it might be met with indifference by the public. 

As reported by Fox News Digital, Aaron called the verdict "absolutely insane" and said it made him more likely to vote for Trump and donate to his campaign, viewing it as "election interference." He emphasised Trump's leading position in the polls, stating, "He's actually beating Biden, and they've gone after Trump in multiple states." 

Meanwhile, another individual, Chase, also from Birmingham, labelled the verdict a "complete failure of our justice system" and believed it would make Trump stronger with his supporters.

Outside the courthouse in Manhattan, a Trump supporter from New York called the verdict "despicable," insisting Trump was innocent in the eyes of true New Yorkers. Angel, another New Yorker at the courthouse, was shocked by the verdict but not surprised Trump might avoid prison. He thought the guilty verdict would bolster Trump's base.

Michael from Staten Island supported the verdict, praising the justice system for holding everyone accountable, rich or poor. "I think it's the right verdict," he said, adding that the case was about law, not politics.

Tom from Whatcom County, Washington, wasn't surprised by the news and hoped it would make people reconsider their support for Trump, valuing character in leaders.

Cora, from Clovis, California, saw the trial as political and continued to support Trump, emphasising his strengths over his faults.

Eric, also from Clovis, compared the conviction to living in a "banana republic," criticising the credibility of key witness Michael Cohen.

Nate, from Nashville, Tennessee, speaking in Washington, D.C., wasn't surprised and doubted the verdict would change voters' minds.

Steve from Chicago was pleased with the verdict but unsure if it would influence the election, calling Trump a "kook" and a "sleazebag."

Jack, another Chicagoan, said Trump was "obviously guilty," while Denise from the suburbs was surprised by the conviction but thought it showed wrongdoing eventually catches up.

Despite his conviction, Trump, who has secured the 2024 Republican nomination, continues to deny wrongdoing, calling the case "rigged" and "disgraceful." He remains a candidate for president, with pending legal cases still looming as he aims to unseat President Biden. Trump stated that the true verdict would be rendered by the American people in November.