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At Least 7 Dead As Tornado Strikes Texas Causing Widespread Damage, Children Among Victims

A devastating tornado wreaked havoc in Texas, claiming at least seven lives, including children, and leaving a trail of destruction across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As severe weather swept through America's Heartland, numerous tornado sightings and extensive damage were reported, highlighting the urgent need for assistance and recovery efforts.

Tornado In Texas Causes Widespread Destruction Photo: AP

Children were among those affected by a tornado that struck outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas on Sunday, resulting in at least seven deaths. A severe weather outbreak led to numerous damage reports across America's Heartland, spanning from Texas to Missouri, with over 20 tornado sightings.

A fatal twister, spawned by the severe thunderstorms, tore through the Denton-Cooke county lines along Interstate 35.

Sheriff Ray Sappington of Cooke County, during a news briefing, confirmed that at least seven people lost their lives and several others sustained injuries near Valley View. The sheriff also acknowledged that children were among the victims.

The AP Travel Stop and Shell station saw many injuries, where numerous individuals sought shelter from the tornado.

Late Saturday night, the tornado led to extensive damage as it swept through northern Denton County. County officials reported instances of homes being damaged, RVs overturned, and power lines brought down in the affected area.

The Lake Ray Roberts Marina and RVs sustained significant damage, according to reports.

The sheriff confirmed on Sunday morning that a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old were among the deceased.

Local authorities cautioned that the death toll might increase as search and rescue operations continue.

At the start of Sunday, approximately 100,000 customers in Texas were without power.

Teams from the National Weather Service will evaluate the damage to determine the tornadoes' intensity in Texas using the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

Multiple assessment teams from the National Weather Service in Fort Worth are surveying damage in Montague, Cooke, Denton, and Collins County. Additionally, teams from NWS San Angelo are inspecting damage in Callahan and Eastland County.