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A Cheesy Attraction Is Coming To Paris, First Museum Dedicated To Cheese Opens Next Week

Musée du Fromage, a museum dedicated to cheese is all set to open in Paris on June 14. This new attraction aims to traditional cheesemaking processes and offers dynamics of cheese making to the visitors.

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Picture this: a place where the rich aromas of camembert, brie, and roquefort waft through the air, and where every corner reveals the secrets of traditional cheesemaking. Brisson, who also runs a cheesemaking school, decided it was high time to give this quintessential French delight its own spotlight.

And So Paris is about to add a unique attraction to its roster: a museum dedicated to cheese! Cheesemaker Pierre Brisson, who moved to Paris 15 years ago and also runs a cheese-making school, is set to open the Musée du Fromage on June 14.

The museum will showcase traditional cheesemaking processes and offer visitors a deeper understanding of the "passion and amazement" behind cheese.

Visitors to the Musée du Fromage can dive into the "passion and amazement" that cheese embodies. The museum will offer a fascinating journey through the history of France's agriculture, complete with live cheesemaking demos and hands-on workshops. And yes, there will be plenty of opportunities to sample the goods. It sounds un-brie-lievably delightful, doesn’t it?

"I realized that lots of things were already organized in Paris to promote wine. Wine culture is developed in France," Brisson told Euronews. "Cheese is also a big thing, but there were no places where people could learn more deeply about the processes of making cheese."

But this museum isn’t just a tasty pit stop for curious Parisians. Brisson's vision for the museum extends beyond feeding the curiosity of cheese-loving Parisians. He hopes it will address the cost of living crisis and inspire young people to consider returning to the countryside.

With high demand for traditionally made cheeses—France boasts 246 varieties—but a shortage of labor to produce them, Brisson believes that becoming a cheesemaker could be a fulfilling and profitable career.

"We’re working with traditional farmers, so we want people to feel like they’re kind of traveling when they taste the cheese. We are opening a little window in the heart of Paris to the rural side of France," Brisson said.

So, whether you're dreaming of a new career as a cheesemaker or just want to savor the joys of cheese in a fresh setting, the Musée du Fromage at 39 rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris, is the place to be from June 14 onwards. Come ready to relax, learn, and, most importantly, take it cheesy.