Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Ukraine War: Russian Missiles Strike Across Ukraine, Leave Millions Without Power

Russian barrage of missiles on Wednesday struck civilian and critical infrastructure across Ukraine, plunging millions in Ukraine and half of neighbouring Moldova in power outages. At least four Ukrainians died in strikes.

A hospital in Ukraine struck by Russian missile. A two-day-old baby died in the strike.
A hospital in Ukraine struck by Russian missile. A two-day-old baby died in the strike. Twitter/Ukraine's Ministry of Defence

Russia on Wednesday carried out missile strikes across Ukraine and hit a number of power stations and civilian buildings, including a maternity hospital.

A Russian rocket struck a maternity hospital in southern Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia and killed a two-day-old baby on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday. Elsewhere, three people were killed in capital Kyiv when a Russian missile struck a two-storey building. 

The Russian missiles also targeted the Ukrainian power grid, causing outages across the country from eastern to western regions. While Russia has targeted critical Ukrainian infrastructure since the beginning of the war in February, it has stepped up such attacks in recent weeks to inflict maximum damage on Ukrainians as winter is setting in and the battered grid would deny Ukrainians essential heating and lighting. 

Not just Ukraine but neighbouring Moldova has also been plunged into outages as Ukraine supplies electricity to Moldova and supply has been disrupted with the Russian strikes.

Water, electricity supply disrupted across Ukraine

Russian missile strikes have left millions across Ukraine without electricity and water supplies.

CNN cited Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko as saying that water supply in the capital has been suspended following Russian strikes.

Electricity supply too has been disrupted, reported CNN.

It reported, "Parts of the city are without power after Moscow reportedly targeted infrastructure facilities in the region, the country’s biggest energy supplier, Yasno, said in a statement earlier Wednesday."

A succession of regions reporting power outages from the east to the west in Ukraine.

The BBC reported that the Russian strikes have damaged up to half of Ukrainian power grid.

"The whole of Ukraine's western city of Lviv is without power after widespread strikes were reported - including in the capital Kyiv...The towns of Chervonohrad and Yavoriv, also close to the Polish border, suffered power cuts. Russian attacks have damaged almost half of Ukraine's energy system, and millions of people are without power as temperatures drop for winter," reported BBC.

Half of Moldova without electricity

Moldova's Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spuni has said Moldova is suffering a massive blackout and up to half of the country is without power following the Russian missile strikes across Ukraine.

"Massive blackout in Moldova after today's Russian attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Moldelectrica, TSO (transmission system operator), is working to reconnect more than 50% of the country to electricity," Reuters quoted Spuni as saying.

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