Getting Your Gut Right While Travelling 

Culinary surprises that often accompany travelling may frequently lead to a troubled tummy. Here’s how to ensure gut-wellness while on the go.

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In today’s deeply interconnected world, travel is unavoidable. Local or international, work or pleasure, impromptu or planned, travel you must. However, if on one of these trips, your gut happens to be compromised, there is no bigger nightmare. No-one wants to spend their vacation hugging the toilet. It is, therefore, imperative that one is mindful of how to take good care of their gut when travelling.

Many unknowns 
Travelling takes us to strange lands, cultures and cuisines. While this can be greatly therapeutic for our mind and soul, if we aren’t careful, the same can wreak havoc on our bodies. Gastrointestinal troubles are far too common and as we grow older, the issues only seem to increase, both in number and intensity. There’s a lot we can’t control when we travel, for instance, we may be forced to consume prepacked meals on a plane or rely on processed foods when worried about hygiene while travelling by road. Travelling also means dining out which can also spell trouble for our guts. 

Some handy tips
Thankfully, there are many relatively easy measures you can take to ensure that your travels are not compromised by gut issues. 
# Lots of water
Dehydration stands for danger when it comes to one’s gut. Therefore, drinking lots of water is a must. Of course, we also have to ensure that the water being consumed is safe for drinking. The safest way to do so is of course to stick to bottled water or when in a pinch, boil the water before drinking.

# Fibre fix
Get your required fibre fix met regularly in so that your bowel movement is not hampered. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, cereal, nuts and seeds will help keep your bowel and your travel both on track.

# Avoid processed food
Processed foods are the tempting easy choice while on-the-go but they can prove to be harmful to the gut if taken without moderation. Therefore, wherever possible, try to opt for healthy substitutes such as fruits and vegetables. Even though you may have to go out of your way to score healthy options while travelling, it’ll keep your gut happy and your travel carefree.

# Don’t eat raw
Always eat well-cooked food, be it meat or plant-based. Raw or undercooked food could be home to any number of pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses.

# Probiotics and prebiotics
Probiotics are live microorganisms cultured in a lab, which, when consumed, aid our digestion like our friendly gut bacteria. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are food sources for our gut bacteria. Taking probiotics or prebiotics while travelling can make sure that our warrior gut bacteria continue performing in top form thus keeping any stomach problems at bay.

# Mandatory meds
Carrying basic medication for gut issues such as antacids and over-the-counter diarrhoea medicine can come in handy. However, in a situation where the symptoms seem acute, consulting a healthcare expert becomes necessary.

# Practice hygiene
Our hands touch innumerable surfaces throughout the day, more so when travelling. While in a post-Covid world, practising proper hygiene has indeed moved up in our list of priorities, it stills needs to asserted that our hands must be washed and sanitised as frequently as possible.

# Limited alcohol
Vacation is often seen as the time to let loose and embrace chaos. Regular life rules don’t apply when one’s on vacation. However, in order to maintain optimum health so as to make the most of one’s break, moderation is key. Be it food or alcohol, surprising your body with excessive amounts of either can lead to disastrous consequences.

# Walk when you can
Walking has myriad benefits and your gut is no exception. It can help keep your gut going well by aiding digestion.
Keeping your gut from going crazy while travelling is not as difficult as it may seem. These practically effortless tips are bound to make your travels and your gut stress free.