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6 Simple Tips To Tackle The Downside Of Working From Home 

6 Simple Tips To Tackle The Downside Of Working From Home 

Some of us have returned to the workplace, but a majority of us continue to engage in remote work. In a post-Covid world, how does this impact our well-being, and what can we do to avoid hampering our productivity?

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The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a range of tectonic shifts in the way we live, and work. Little did we know that work from home could ever be a reality, but that's how we managed our professional lives in the last two years. Even though physical offices have started to open up now, a majority are still working remotely. Working from home does have a range of benefits, but it also poses several challenges.

So, what are some of the ways in which we can juggle both work and home, without it hampering our mental health? 

A guide to tackling work from home

Take note of these simple tips to stay motivated and ensure productivity, when you work from home. 

# Stick to a schedule 

When you work from home, it's quite natural that the boundaries between work and personal time can get blurred. That's where all the issues start. So, try and create a schedule that helps you go through your day seamlessly. Do not work in pajamas; get dressed as you would, when you go to a physical workplace. Sleep and wake up at fixed hours, and follow this routine consistently. It will all get better after a period of time. 

# Create a dedicated workspace

How many times have you found yourself working from your bed, out of sheer laziness? Several times, right? Stop doing that right away! It's quite natural for us to do this, but try and create a workspace that is away from distractions. Get everything you want in one place and work like you would in the office. Of course, it's going to take some time to adjust, but you will succeed! 

# Take regular breaks

When you're at work, don't you take breaks after every few hours, either to get a cup of tea or have a chat with your co-workers? Don't deprive yourself of these things, when you work from home. Move around a little, sip on some water, do some breathwork, or go for a short walk. These breaks will only help to enhance your productivity. 

# Reinforce connection with your co-workers

In the absence of human interaction, work can seem a little tiresome. How about shaking things up by scheduling video calls with your co-workers? Of course, we can't replicate those water cooler conversations, but having a cup of coffee together, albeit virtually, can help too! Ask how they are doing, and if you can support them. Build that camaraderie, even if it's online. It's going to help you in a big way. 

# Set boundaries at home

When you work from home, you have to be a little firm and set boundaries with your family members. Of course, you can have short chats with your folks from time to time, but make sure they know your work hours are on. Speak about your needs to them, and they will understand if you are clear. You can also share your schedule with them, if it helps. 

# Think of the long term 

The pandemic has created a huge shift in the way we work, which also means that we may be doing this in the long run. Try and think of ways in which you can improve the way you work at home – for instance, does it help if you have a window view? What are your other requirements? You could also explore some tools that can simplify your tasks.

The last word

Working from home has its pros and cons, but you can simplify the struggles by following these tips. It may take some time to get accustomed to some of these habits – but fret not, you will succeed in the long run!