Monday, Sep 26, 2022

Poetry: The Meaning Of ‘Freedom’ To An 11-Year-Old

On India's 76th Independence Day, an 11-year-old poet pens down her thoughts about what freedom means to her.

The meaning of freedom
The meaning of freedom Getty Images

Independence day; a day of celebration,
Seventy -five years ago it was the final confirmation,
That the foreign rule had come to an end,
The sacrifices it took, one still cannot comprehend. 

Jawahar Lal Nehru’s voice boomed across the sky,
As our glorious tricolour fluttered proud and high. 
The people rejoiced their freedom and tried to forget the pain,
Of our brave freedom fighters, their martyrdom was not in vain. 

What does freedom mean to me you may want to know,
It is the freedom to learn, the freedom to play and also the freedom to grow. 
But is our freedom really absolute? Is it for the entire nation?
Do the poor, and the weak participate in this celebration? 

For each of us to have freedom, everyone in the world must be free,
It is our duty to ensure this, and that is my heartfelt plea. 
Free to breathe clean air, Free from worry for the next meal,
Free to worship who they choose to, Freedom to say what we feel. 

So let us celebrate this, our country’s 75th year,
And to the values of our flag, let our country adhere. 
We won independence at the stroke of the midnight hour,
Let our country awake and its people blossom and flower.