01 January 1970

Poems: Songs Of Love And The Crispness Of Autumn 


Poems: Songs Of Love And The Crispness Of Autumn 

We meet, fall in love, breathe the fragrance of nature, and depart thinking of the last time we met. 

Remembering the first meeting
Remembering the first meeting Getty Images

The Love Song

Let's go, sit by
 the bank of river

Breathing in the
 fragrance of nature


Our hands entwined,

Our flushed cheeks

absorb the heat
 of our stolen glances,

as we listen to
 the love song

nature sings...

The Last Time We

Crisp autumn morning

The silvery sunshine,
 filtering through the golden leaves

touch my hands

making patterns

As I move my finger

And write your
 name on my palm.

Gentle breeze caress
 my cheek

I close my eyes,

And for a moment

I feel that soft
 touch of your lips

When you kissed

The last time we met.

(Tarang Sinha is a bilingual writer published by Juggernaut Book, translator published by Westland Books, book reviewer and a self-taught artist. Her writings have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, Woman’s Era and New Woman)