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Valentine’s Day 2023: Fall In Love With These Netflix’s ‘Class’ Characters And Know Who Your ‘Type’ Is

To help you out, here’s listing all the characters of Netflix’s ‘Class’ and what zodiac signs they would belong to.


Poster of Netflix's series 'Class'

Valentine’s Day is right ‘round the corner, so there’s no better time than today to catch Netflix’s all-new series ‘Class’ and fall in love with all that it brings! From juicy secrets and malicious betrayals to friendships gone astray, a murder at the centre of it all and romance at the heart of this dark and thrilling whodunnit, falling in love with Class’ achingly-beautiful characters will be easy peasy, if you know who your ‘type’ is!

Tall, handsome and brooding? We’ve got you covered! Free spirited with a zest for life? We have that one character on Class too. Cute and awkward? Check! And, what better way to find your ideal date this Valentine's Day than knowing the personality traits of your would-be partner-in-crime (pun intended!). To help you out, here’s listing all the characters of Class and what zodiac signs they would belong to, basis their temperaments along with the best possible zodiac match for some sizzling chemistry and a balanced love life. Read on and match away!


Ayesha Kanga as Yashika Mehta - Aries

Being Numero-Uno runs in Arian's blood and guides their way with everything they touch. An extremely territorial, competitive and unabashed girl, Yashika makes sure to bring her main character energy wherever she goes. Bold, beautiful and ambitious comes with its challenges of the green goddess of jealousy, making Yashika feel threatened by the intellectually brilliant Saba, who is sincere and hardworking, sprinting to No. 1! 

Best matches with Leo, Sagittarius and Libra

Madhyama Segal as Saba Manzoor - Virgo

The Perfectionist Diva! Virgos are known to bring a logical and practical perspective to life, elevating their growth and success to a mountainous high. This comes as no surprise considering our intellectual queen Saba bagged a scholarship to the esteemed Hampton International, keeping her eye on the prize and bigger things in life. 


Best matches with Pisces

Piyush Khati as Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki - Cancer

Being a water sign, Dheeraj  is deeply guided by and connected to his emotions- making him extremely protective of his close ones. From the get-go, our soft boy reflects traits of a cancerian and can be seen to be extremely compassionate, shy and introverted. However, he comes with his own set of problems and a dark past, being a young adult with a father struggling with alcoholism and a brother struggling with money, identity and finding a place for himself in the world. Will having a soft corner for our sunshine girl Suhani bring him peace or pain? 

Best matches with Taurus and Virgo

Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja - Leo

Fierce loyalty is one of the best qualities the Lion Leos possess. Just like the possessive and protective nature of the king of the jungle, Veer is extremely close and fiercely loyal to his childhood best friends - Sharan and Dhruv, while being insanely protective of his sister, Suhani. Guarding his heart with an iron-clad cage, Veer slowly peels off his layers around Saba when he starts feeling a little something- something for her. 

Best matches with Aries and Gemini

Gurfateh Pirzada as Neeraj Kumar Valmiki - Sagittarius 


Gurfateh has a carefree attitude towards life - he didn’t stop to think about his brother’s feelings for Suhani before getting together with her; he just went where the wind took him! Being carefree, however, comes with its own benefits for this fiery sign. They’re carefree to the point that they’re always optimistic and opportunistic about situations, no matter how morose they seem. Even with the insurmountable debt that his father left him with, he is seen as buoyant and positive about sorting the situation out, even coming up with ideas (albeit shady ones) to resolve them!

Best matches with Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo


Cwaayal Singh as Balli Sehrawat - Taurus

We all loved the carefree nature of Balli. He is another scholarship student at Hampton International whose interests largely lie in girls, partying and having fun. Displaying the carefree nature of a Taurus, his character is very confident and he dreams of becoming famous no matter what the cost. At Hampton International, he constantly tries to fit in with the crowd at the elite school, especially with the cool crowd.

Best matches with Cancer and Virgo

Anjali Sivaram as Suhani - Scorpio

The one student at Hampton International who is mysterious and misunderstood is Suhani display. Throughout the series, she is seen as a troubled, rebellious child who often finds it difficult to keep up with and follow the rules outlined by her parents. Bold, courageous and stubborn, she’s a downright scorpio! She is not afraid to break the rules even if she has to go up and against those she loves. 


Best matches with Pisces and Virgo

Chayan Chopra as Dhruv Sanghvi - Capricorn

One of the most patient and down-to-earth characters in the series, Dhruv is also shy and completely uninterested in drama, gossip and the politics in the school. Capricorns know that patience, perseverance, and dedication is the only way to scale. 

Best matches with Virgo

Naina Bhan as Koel Kalra - Gemini

Fiercely loyal but also fiercely selfish, Koel has two sides to her personality. While she truly cares for and loves the people in her life, she can also be manipulative and prideful as seen in the series. Two sides to the same coin? She’s definitely a Gemini!


Best matches with Libra and Sagittarius

Chintan Rachchh as Faruq Manzoor - Pisces

Faruq is Saba’s brother and hails from a family that is very conservative and steeped in traditional beliefs. Just like a Pisces, he is someone very sensitive and empathetic towards others. He constantly finds himself fighting an internal battle between who he is and who he wants to be. Outlining the most unique quality of a Pisces, he is someone who enjoys both the pain and joys of life as seen in his relationship with Dhruv.

Best matches with Taurus and Cancer

Moses Koul as Sharan Gujral - Aquarius


Sharan is Veer’s childhood best friend and in a relationship with Koel. As seen throughout the series, Sharan displays the characteristics of an aquarius- innovative, progressive and shamelessly revolutionary. He is someone who is seen taking multiple progressive decisions in his relationship with Koel and loves to experiment.

Best matches with Gemini

Now that we know their traits and zodiac signs -  just add ‘mysterious’ to each of these and voila! It’s a match! After all, who doesn’t love some mystery in their lives. 

Tune in to Netflix’s ‘Class’ with your Valentine this Valentine’s Day!