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Uorfi Javed’s Raw And Uncensored Dating Advice Will Blow Your Mind

From unleashing your inner boss babe to embracing self-love and empowerment - Uorfi school of dating on Tinder reveals all.

Uorfi Javed

Buckle up, folks, because the latest episode of Tinder's 'Swipe Ride' series is about to take you on a thrilling ride! Get ready to join the fabulous and fashion-forward Uorfi Javed as she spills the tea on embracing your online dating journey.

She has been very upfront always, but not many times has she opened up about her dating life. In this episode of the Swipe Ride series, she gives out some of the most compelling arguments and insights into dating.

Here's The Real Deal: Rejection Is Redirection

Rejection, according to Uorfi, is a VIP pass to self-awareness. It's like a spicy seasoning that adds flavour to your dating journey. But Queen Uorfi tells us that “Rejection is important for character building; it makes you stronger - so you need to go out, experiment, and get rejected to know what you want.” So don’t let the fear of not being liked crash your party. Instead, let it slide off like a bad dance move.

Finding "The One" Isn't An Instant Cinderella Story, Nope

Forget the fairytales, my friend. Real life is like going on a treasure hunt for your own desires and needs to figure out what makes your heart skip a beat. As Uorfi says, “Finding the one immediately is a fairytale concept and every relationship teaches you what you want but definitely what you don’t want in a relationship.” Who needs love traditions anyway? Gen Z singles are flipping the dating world upside down, rewriting the rules with a rebellious spirit. In fact, 44% of young Indian daters in a recent survey agreed that their generation is challenging the traditional dating and relationship standards passed down to them from previous generations1. Talk about a revolutionary wave!

How You Love Yourself Is How You Teach Others To Love You

Its no surprise that Uorfi refuses to let anyone rain on her fashion parade, giving haters an epic hair flip and a sassy "Bye, negativity!" Her secret? Unwavering dedication to self-care and maintaining those positive vibes. And she's not alone in this mindset— a whopping 79% of Indian women daters proclaim that they will never compromise their self-care practices or boundaries for the sake of a relationship1. So embrace your uniqueness, rock your confidence, and let your radiant energy attract those who like you for being beautiful and unapologetically you.

Put Yourself Out There And Unleash Epic Experiences

Putting yourself out there is more than finding your Prince Charming. It’s about embracing your uniqueness, breaking free from the traditional mould and thinking outside the heart-shaped box. As Uorfi says “Tinder is a fun way to connect with new people and explore beyond romantic relationships and it gives me freedom, agency and autonomy.” Match for epic connections, whether it's for friendship, unforgettable adventures, or just good vibes.

Never Apologise For Knowing What You Want!

We're done with the old-school notion of separating our personal passions and professional aspirations. It's time to fuse them together like a dope remix. Uorfi adds “Money doesn’t impress me anymore” and this resonates with 90% of women daters in India who prioritize being on the same page as their potential partner in terms of career ambitions and attitudes towards money. So, let's take a page out of Uorfi's book and embrace our worth, chase our dreams, and demand nothing but the best.