Tuesday, May 24, 2022

BTS Army Slams Jimmy Kimmel After Talk Show Host Compares K-pop Band To COVID -19

Jimmy Kimmel compared the K-pop boy band, BTS, to COVID-19 on his show during an interview with Ashley Park.

BTS Army Slams Jimmy Kimmel After Talk Show Host Compares K-pop Band To COVID -19
Host Jimmy Kimmel lashed over his comment on BTS

Jimmy Kimmel, a talk show host, compared the Korean boy band, BTS to Covid-19, calling them "both very dangerous." He passed the comment when actor Ashley Park appeared on his show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, and talked about singing BTS' ‘Dynamite’ on her show ‘Emily in Paris’. Kimmel received a widespread backlash from the BTS fandom.

The BTS fandom was not pleased with Kimmel's comments about the group. Fans took to Twitter to share Kimmel's clips and leave comments. A supporter wrote, “The audacity to say that about an Asian artist in front of an Asian woman. @jimmykimmel really compared BTS to COVID in the year 2022 and amidst all the anti-Asian hate.”

Another fan tweeted, "Could have said the flu. But had to say COVID? in the middle of the pandemic in 2022 :) whyyy?"

Another Twitter user wrote, “It's time to lower his show rating. We know what to do ARMYs!! It's already 2.1 rating with begin !!! #jimmykimmel.”

A BTS fan tweeted, “Better no interaction. From me still nooo to JKCorden and NOOO for @jimmykimmel forever. I don’t f ***** like their jokes.”

Kimmel was interviewing actress Ashley Park on his show.

"You sang a BTS song on the show, and I wonder what the fallout from something like that is because I know that," Kimmel said of BTS' appearance on his show.

“We have had BTS on our show and people are absolutely their fans, like they will camp out, and they are probably out in the parking lot, waiting for the next time they come on. They are absolutely crazed for these guys. You have to be careful with an ARMY because they could attack.”

 After that, Park declared herself an ARMY member, to which Kimmel replied, "Then you won't be attacked."

Park then talked about her performance on ‘Dynamite’, which BTS members RM and V shared on their Instagram accounts. She revealed that her body felt different at the same time and that she thought she was going into shock. She claimed, however, that she was diagnosed with the Omicron variant of Covid-19 after being tested.

On this Kimmel commented, “Thought it was BTS fever? Oh, they are both are very dangerous. You are lucky to come out of those alive.”

Park recently performed the song ‘Dynamite’ dressed as half man and half woman in her show, ‘Emily in Paris’. BTS member, V used black and white heart emojis to share the video on his Instagram account.

BTS members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook all sang on the track ‘Dynamite’. The song was BTS' first all-English track, and it was released in 2020. It debuted at number one on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ and received a Grammy nomination for the year 2021.