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Shweta Tripathi Says 'Couldn't Help It' As She Recalls Breaking Down In A Scene With Vijay Varma While Shooting For 'Kaalkoot'

Shweta Tripathi who is playing an acid attack survivor in 'Kaalkoot', recalled how challenging it was to play some scenes in the crime drama.

Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi is one of the finest actors in the industry. She has proved her mettle in acting with her performances in 'Masaan', 'Haraamkhor', Mirzapur' and 'Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein' among others. If we look at her filmography, we see Shweta is not a stereotypical heroine. All her characters are mostly intense and packed with punches. Her next is 'Kaalkoot' where she is playing Parul Chaturvedi who is an acid attack survivor and her role in it is more than 'intense', says Tripathi herself in an interview with Outlook

When asked if she voluntarily chooses such roles or if she is offered such projects because she is known for playing such characters, to which Shweta said that she is drawn towards those projects and added, "When I read the script of 'Kaalkoot', I found that every character was written so beautifully that you can see the journey of every character. Parul Chaturvedi, the character I am playing doesn't have many scenes but whatever scenes I have, it's about the journey of the character and it's very personal to me. If I have to do justice to that role, I will. It's not about the number of days of shooting or about money. It's about what you are feeling and what you want the audience to feel. It is very important."

She added, "'Kaalkoot' has everything. There is so much emotional drama and the writer and director, Sumit Saxena, is fantastic. And look at the cast, there are Vijay Varma, Gopal Datt, Seema Biswa and Yashpal Sharma. They are the actors I look up to. If I can be part of such a great cast I consider myself very lucky. I think my character has more courage than I do. All the characters I played in the past are far more courageous than I am in real life."

Playing such heavy characters often leave a high impact on an actor's psyche. On this Tripathi said, "When I play a character, I always look for the arc and the evolution of the character throughout the journey. Parul is very strong and while shooting also thankfully I didn't shoot it at a stretch or else it would have been very difficult. As we shot in different locations, I had a gap of two to three weeks between my schedule. So, that helped me."

The 'Raat Akeli Hai' actress also said that closer is very important for every character like a relationship needs a closer. Explaining the reason, she further added, "Because we dress like the character, speak their language and apply makeup like them. The day I am on set, I am more the character than I am myself. So, it is very important to remind yourself that this is the character and no matter how much you get into the skin of it or vice versa, it is very important to remind yourself who you are."

The actress also spoke about the challenges she faced while shooting as she shared, "I make a playlist for all my characters. If I speak about the playlist of 'Kaalkoot's Parul then I will break into tears because the songs that are in the playlist for Parul are very emotional. The most challenging was the hospital scene when Parul gets attacked and she goes to a hospital. Those scenes were very tough and then there is a scene where I am talking to Vijay Varma's character about my journey so far, which was very difficult. I didn't think that at that point I will cry but it automatically happened and I couldn't help it."

Talking about the acid attack survivors, Shweta said that it changes the entire life of a person. She signed off adding, "The way people see you or the way you see people, the entire perspective changes when you are a victim of an acid attack".

'Kaalkoot' also starring Vijay Varma premieres on Jio Cinema on July 27.