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Ranbir Kapoor On Parenthood: Wondering Why I Took So Long? I Should Have Become A Father Earlier

Ranbir Kapoor recently talked about her daughter Raha, and sharing parenthood responsibilities with Alia Bhatt.

Ranbir Kapoor talks about how being a father has changed him

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have completed a month of parenthood after the birth of their daughter Raha. The actor, who was in Jeddah for the Red Sea Film Festival, talked about how being a father hasn’t hit him yet, and how he and Alia plan to balance work now.

In a video shared by Brut, Ranbir is heard saying that it’s a delight to be a parent, and that he and Alia discuss the value system they want to pass on to their child. “There’s empathy, kindness, respect towards elders, equality… so many different things you have imbibed from your parents or life that you want to pass on to the child,” he said.

On sharing parenthood responsibilities, Ranbir said, “I don’t work a lot, about 180-200 days. She does a lot more work and is way more busy. But we will balance it out. Maybe I’ll take a break when she’s working, or she can, when I am out for work,” he replied.

Calling parenthood an ‘exciting time’ for the both of them, Ranbir added, “We have been together as boyfriend-girlfriend a couple of years back, then husband and wife. I was just telling her that you know the words ‘I have a daughter’ have not hit me yet. I have not said this enough. In interviews, I may be saying it but every time I say ‘daughter’, I go ‘Woah, what is this? I have stars in my brain.”

Last but not the least, the actor was asked about what has changed for him after becoming a father, to which he quipped, “I am wondering why did I take so long. I should have become a father earlier.” He also shared his biggest insecurity saying, “Will I be able to play football with them? Run with them?”

On the work front, Ranbir will be seen in Sandeep Reddy’s ‘Animal’, and in a romantic film with Luv Ranjan, opposite Shraddha Kapoor.

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