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‘Namacool’: 5 Reasons Why Hina Khan, Abhinav Sharma, Aaron Kaul’s Show Should Be On Your Watch List

Here are a few reasons why ‘Namacool’ is a must-see, in addition to a brilliant ensemble and a story that combines comedy and drama with surprising turns.

‘Namacool’ Photo: Instagram

‘Namacool’ is one of the a widely awaited comedy-drama series that fans have been dying to watch since long. The show has finally been aired on Amazon MiniTV recently. The show chronicles the humorous experiences of two best friends, Mayank and Piyush, as they negotiate the ups and downs of college life in Lucknow. The series, directed by Ritam Shrivastava and written by Shantanu Srivastava, alternates between laughter and poignant moments, delving into issues of friendship, identity, and pursuing ambitions.

Here are a few reasons why ‘Namacool’ is a must-see, in addition to a brilliant ensemble and a story that combines comedy and drama with surprising turns:

1. Refreshing Take On Brotherhood

Abhinav Sharma and Aaron Kaul bring the wonderful characters of Mayank and Piyush to life, resulting in a memorable combination that will have you in stitches. Their synergy is contagious, transporting spectators into their world of brotherhood, humor, and emotional moments. Whether they’re embarking on wild escapades or negotiating the intricacies of early adulthood, their journey will appeal to people of all ages.

2. Enchanting Charm Of Lucknow

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Lucknow, a city full of life, culture, and character. From the busy streets of Chowk to the tranquil grandeur of the Gomti River, ‘Namacool’ captures the spirit of this historic city in all its magnificence, taking the audience to a world full of excitement, delicacy, and adventure.

3. Laughter Riot With Gripping Drama

‘Namacool’ promises a high-octane story filled with funny misadventures for Mayank and Piyush as they desire fame and love. As Mayank and Piyush discover the true essence of masculinity amid outrageous plans, criminality, blunders, and deception, the series provides a unique combination of humor, drama, and surprising turns that keep viewers engaged until the conclusion.

4. Stellar Starcast

‘Namacool’s strong ensemble, which includes Hina Khan, Abhinav Sharma, Aaron Kaul, Abhishek Bajaj, and Anushka Kaushik in key parts, raises the plot to new heights. Each performer adds depth, subtlety, and authenticity to their characters, bringing viewers further into ‘Namacool’s funny universe.

5. Free

As you join Mayank and Piyush on their twisted adventure through college life in Lucknow with ‘Namacool’, you will realise that it is available for free on Amazon MiniTV. What can be better than the fact that you get to check it out without having to get any subscription for the same.

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