Monday, Jul 04, 2022

Marathi Actress Loses Rs. 1.48 Lakh To KYC Fraud

A Marathi actress entered her banking details which a fraudster used to dupe her of Rs 1.48 lakh. However, after visiting the Airtel shop she was told that no call was made.

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A 64-year-old Marathi film actress from Vile Parle, Mumbai has reportedly fallen for an Airtel KYC cyber fraud and lost Rs. 1.48 lakhs. According to her complaint, the actress has revealed that she was cheated for Rs. 1.48 lakhs after she received a text message which was sent by her telecom operator Airtel, where she asked for her to update personal details. She was also asked about her ATM card details, which was then misused to withdraw the money.

According to the latest report in Indian Express, the actress got the fraud message on her husband's phone. The text which was allegedly sent from Airtel stated that the ‘Know Your Customer (KYC) details were not up to date on the number and added that the number would be blocked if the needful is not done.’

The report added that the actress on February 26 lodged FIR with the Vile Parle police station. Reportedly, the actress was duped after she called on the number and the fraudster who was impersonating an Airtel executive asked her to download and install the Quick Support application, which allowed a third party to access people’s mobile activities.

Without knowing his real intentions, the actress followed all his instructions. The fraudster got access to her ATM details due to the application he has asked her to install on her phone. Later, the woman got suspicious and immediately rushed to Airtel shop where she was shocked to find out that the company does not make any such calls to their customers. Shockingly, three Vodafone customers reportedly have lost over Rs. 5 lakhs in the same type of fraud recently.