Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Kangana Ranaut Says She Is Unable To Marry Because Of 'Rumours' That She 'Beats Up Boys'

Kangana Ranaut has spoken up about her confrontational personality and how it affects her dating life.

Kangana Ranaut Instagram/ @kanganaranaut

Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut said that she is unable to marry because rumours persist that she is confrontational and initiates fights with others. In a recent interview, the actor joked that such rumours have generated an impression about her that prohibits her from finding love. Actor, Arjun Rampal, her ‘Dhaakad’ co-star, played matchmaker for her, outlining her positive characteristics to potential husbands, according to a report by Hindustan Times.

Ranaut is looking forward to the premiere of her espionage action film ‘Dhaakad’. Ranaut plays Agent Agni, a super spy, in the film. The actor has spent a significant amount of time training for the action-packed part, acquiring a body and even executing some of the action sequences herself.

In an interview, a journalist questioned her if she is as 'Dhaakad' in real life as her character. "That's not how it is, come on," the actor answered, laughing. “Who will I beat up in real life? Because of individuals like you promoting these rumours, I am unable to marry” Ranaut added. When Siddharth questioned if she was unable to marry because of the notion that she is harsh, Ranaut half-jokingly said, "Yes, because rumours about me are that I beat up boys are spreading.”

Rampal, who was also there during the conversation, interfered and advised journalists not to propagate rumours. The actor was then requested to highlight Ranaut's positive characteristics so that guys realise she isn't as aggressive as she appears on television. "All I can say is that Kangana is a fantastic performer. Whatever she does is for the sake of the play, but she is not like that in real life. She is a really nice, caring, and God-fearing person in real life. She does puja-paath and yoga. She is, in fact, a really typical person,” Arjun said.

‘Dhaakad’ also features Indian actress Divya Dutta in addition to Ranaut and Rampal. The film, directed by Razneesh Ghai, is planned for a May 20 release and is being hailed as Hindi cinema's first female-led spy thriller.