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Here’s How Celebs Are Planning To Beat The Summer Heat

Celebrities speak up about the rising temperatures in Mumbai, and how they’re trying to keep themselves away from the scorching heat. They also give some tips on how you can beat the summer heat.

Hello Summer

Rising temperatures in Mumbai have been a point of concern. Adding to the woes is the water crisis in the entire state of Maharashtra. The government recently banned organising events between 12 PM and 5 PM. Given the heat scenario, one needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

Here’s what celebs are doing in order to beat the heat:

Aadesh Chaudhary

Yes, it’s very hot in Mumbai so when I go to the gym, I take my hydrating drink, hydrating tablet and vitamin C. I make sure that I drink coconut water, lemon juice and buttermilk. I recommend people to drink butter milk as it’s very good for summers.

Charrul Malik

It’s getting hotter so let’s drink more and more water. And when it comes to water, I prefer room temperature water rather than drinking it cold as the latter can harm you. Have juices but from hygienic places and make sure to carry an umbrella. Umbrella colour also matters a lot so use an umbrella which doesn’t absorb much heat. Eat light and a lot of green veggies and fruits. I drink nimbu pani, fresh squash and fruits. Try to avoid going out in the sun and wear cotton clothes and light coloured clothes if you have to. You can also carry a malmal cloth and soak it in water, then keep the wet cloth on your face when you travel. You can also wear a nice light hat that can protect you from the heat.

Sneha Jain

The things I do is that I make sure that I don’t go out at a time when it’s very hot outside because heat takes away all your energy. I drink electral powder and butter milk and eat a lot of fruits containing water like musk melon, water melon etc. People don’t realise that they eat fruits that generate heat in the body, so try to avoid that. My mom makes jowar roti, which is healthy. I always carry a bottle when I go out and carry my umbrella. Such small things help you in beating the heat. We are responsible for such a climate because of carelessness and not taking care of our planet earth. We should do our bit to keep our planet healthy. One must make sure to avoid outside and oily foods. It’s good that we have a metro now.

Ankit Siwach

In these hot summer days, one should avoid going in crowded places and make sure to cover your face. If there are any outdoor activities, make it happen in late evenings, also drink a lot of water, fresh juices and stay hydrated. Avoid heavy foods, maintain a light diet, have green veggies and avoid going out in pollution. Take multivitamins and maintain your health. Also, help birds, animals and people who are in need.

Gaurav Singh

Yes it's been a hot summer and beating the sweltering heat can be challenging, so I try to keep myself hydrated irrespective of the temperature and that really helps . Otherwise eating fruits that are high on water content like watermelon, muskmelon, etc helps.

Mridul Kumar

It’s been very hot in Mumbai and all over India as well. Avoid going out in the sun unless it’s very important and keep yourself hydrated. Drink lemon water and eat a lot of fruits. Be a little careful during afternoons. Even at many places, the government has closed schools and has started online classes. Help the people and animals and try to give them water.