Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan: Top Five Films That Got The Actor Global Recognition

From 'The Karate Kid' to 'The Fearless Hyena', here are top action-packed films by the Oscar-winning actor Jackie Chan.

Actor Jackie Chan
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Actor Jackie Chan regarded as one of the most prominent action film pioneers turns 68 today. The actor became a worldwide cinema sensation because of his distinctive combination of martial arts and comedy. For decades, the actor has pushed the frontiers of action humour, and his perfect abilities and brilliance cemented his place in the world. 

From 'The Karate Kid' to 'The Fearless Hyena', here are top action-packed films by the Oscar-winning actor Jackie Chan.

The Karate Kid 

A bullied adolescent feels out of place in his new home in China until he meets a kind maintenance guy who decides to teach him to become a martial arts master. With the stakes raised by competition, the young man rises to the occasion. In this film, Jackie Chan is not seen in a funny role, but his serious depiction makes his martial arts abilities even more stunning. The young kid in the film is played by Will Smith's son Jaden Smith.

Rush Hour 

Jackie Chan's first big American hit occurred while he was in his 40s. He co-stars alongside Chris Tucker in this film, in which they are tasked with locating a Chinese consul's stolen young daughter. Chan doesn't have much screen time, but he and Tucker create a fantastic comedy duo. The climax, though, comes in the conclusion, when Chan must fight off two bad men while preventing a massive, expensive vase from toppling, and it has a fantastic humorous payoff.

Drunken Master 

In this film, Chan portrays a young man who is an awful jerk; for a time, he's borderline unlikeable. When his father can no longer take it, he sends him to Beggar So, a kung fu teacher who specialises in the technique of "drunken boxing." Even Beggar So is unable to restrain Chan's character. However, following a humiliating loss at the hands of an assassin known as Thunderleg, he resolves to take the training seriously. The film's highlight is the last "rematch" with Thunderleg, who is one of the most interesting antagonists Chan has ever faced.

Rumble In The Bronx 

When a Hong Kong cop comes in New York, he has no idea that his presence is the catalyst for a wider scheme. 'Rumble in the Bronx' is credited with giving Jackie Chan the international popularity he now has. Along with the inventive action scenes, Chan reprises his role as the well-intentioned and inadvertently humorous protagonist that is expected from him. 'Rumble in the Bronx' may be seen as a prelude to Jackie Chan's international triumph.

The Fearless Hyena

Jackie Chan made his directorial debut with The Fearless Hyena. Ching Hing-lung, a naïve young martial artist who lives with his grandpa, is played by him. He gets a job teaching kung fu at a local martial arts school, which attracts the unwanted attention of a nasty martial arts master, who tracks down and kills Ching Hing-lung's grandpa, and then Ching seeks vengeance.