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Arjun Rampal Birthday Special: 5 Career Best Performances Of The National Film Award-Winning Actor

Arjun Rampal Birthday Special: 5 Career Best Performances Of The National Film Award-Winning Actor

Arjun Rampal has been one actor who has done lesser films but has done quality work. Today on his birthday, lets have a look at some of his most popular films.

Arjun Rampal
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We are all aware of Arjun Rampal's brilliance and talent as a supermodel, but he is also a terrific actor and he has proved that through his films ever since he made his debut with 'Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat'. Throughout his film career, he has given us many incredible performances. The actor has displayed versatility in his roles. He has performed many roles, including a lover boy, a jealous big brother, a father, a villain, and whatnot. When it came to his acting roles, he may have done lesser films, but he definitely has given some of the best performances onscreen whenever he came up with a film.

Today on his birthday, let's look at his top 5 career-best performances!

‘Om Shanti Om’

The first item on the list is a powerful rendition of Arjun's look from 'Om Shanti Om'. His intimidating appearance is unmatched by any other antagonist. Arjun has captivated all of our hearts and minds, from the time-lapse look to his youthful, fully enraged look. The appearance of Mukesh, often known as Mike, as a villain is absolutely perfect.


Yes! Arjun Rampal's amazing appearance was unquestionably included on our list. Playing the role of a very strong virtual character who is trying to beat the game and kill G-One, Arjun was again at his best. No other actor could have performed as well as Arjun in the role of Ra-One. It was probably one of the best negative characters to have come up in the last decade.


Arjun Rampal in 'Raajneeti' is definitely one of the most iconic roles played by him. Playing the role of a sly and tactful politician is definitely not easy, as Arjun plays the role with zeal and charm even though being a grey-shaded character. As Prithviraj Pratap, the character he played, Rampal definitely grasped all our attention towards him.


Although it might be the first, it didn't feel that way. Given that he played the role of Joseph Mascarenhas, Arjun Rampal's appearance and persona in the musical film 'Rock On' were unexpected. But this new persona of his certainly left us in awe. What else are we to anticipate from him now that he is holding the guitar and sporting a rock star expression? He went on to win a Nation Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for this movie. The sequel to this film 'Rock On 2', however, couldn't live up to the original's class, and is considered as a franchise killer even to date.


Arjun Rampal played a thug-turned-politician Arun Gawli in the film. It was based on a real-life character, and Rampal was mighty convincing. From his looks to his body language to the way he spoke, everything seemed to have been so apt that you're left thinking whether you're watching a film or its real life.

Which among these do you feel is Arjun Rampal’s best performance?

Here’s wishing the National Film Award-winning actor a Very Happy Birthday.