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Amaal Mallik Reveals Younger Brother Armaan Malik Never Agrees With Him

The composer-singer Amaal Mallik remarked that his younger brother Armaan Malik is never on the same page as him and they have to go through a series of dramatic fights before they can agree on things. But they've now learned over the years who excels in which department.

Amaal Malik with younger brother Armaan Malik

Amaal Mallik is without a doubt one of Bollywood's most well-known music composers nowadays. Not just him, but even his brother Armaan Malik has grown on to become one of the most sought after singers in the music industry. The two brothers are seen quite often collaborating on projects, and even giving interviews together. However, whenever there is a creative alliance, there also have to be some creative differences.

Talking to Outlook about the bond the two share professionally, Amaal Mallik spoke up about how they frequently disagree and go through a series of dramatic arguments before coming to an agreement. The composer-singer remarked his younger brother is never on the same page as him. Amaal Malik says, "Armaan and I never agree. We really need to go through a series of dramatic fights to agree on things. Obviously, now after several years of working together, both of us have grown up, and we both understand what is right for the song." 

He further added when it comes to film music Armaan Malik understands his perspective because Amaal Mallik knows better what the project requires. Amaal Mallik says, "So I think he also understands my perspective because I come from a space where I know what a project needs, which era it's set in, which film it is for, what the director wants, basically the setting of the song. So when it comes to film music he completely understands where I am going." 

Amaal Mallik goes on to also say that he plays his independent tracks to Armaan Malik and he is someone who he really looks out for, because he is well versed with what is working in the world. "Obviously, when it comes to independent music he (Armaan Malik) has a lot of suggestions and he is someone I really look out for and play my music to him. Because he is from the younger generation and he listens to music that people four-five years younger than him listen to. So he is also well versed with what is working in the world, and it is a good exchange," Amaal Mallik adds. 

Amaal Mallik further said that his younger brother asks for his suggestions and takes his help when he is working on independent projects. He says, "Whenever he makes something for his English singles and his Eps and his foreign collaborations he plays those tracks to me and I give him my advice." 

"Both of us know where to draw the line and do what's best for the song it happens with time and experience, jamming for years, recording for years, now we know where we want a particular song to go and how we want to make it sound," concludes Amaal Mallik. 

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