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Aly Goni, Nyrraa M Banerji, Sudhanshu Pandey And Others Reveal About Celeb Burnout

Celeb Burnout has become a huge thing in today’s time and many celebs are openly admitting to having faced it. Here are a few celebs talking about what celeb burnout means and how to keep calm.

Aly Goni, Nyrra M Banerji, Sudhanshu Pandey

Celeb burnout is a reality as one after another cases are coming up. Chiyaan Vikram was recently admitted to the hospital. Deepika Padukone was recently rushed to hospital. Veteran guitarist Carlos Santana had fainted on stage. We checkout with celebs what is their viewpoint and how they handle themselves and how they keep calm.

Aly Goni

Celeb burnout is a reality as our profession is demanding. All that glitters is not gold. Light camera action is not enough..our body-mind energies are also at work and it is a lot of hard work. One must take care of one's physical and mental health. I keep calm by being happy by speaking my mind and heart. Travelling short breaks also rejuvenates me. Going to the gym also calms me.

Nyrraa M Banerji

My stress buster is Gyming. I don't miss out on my workout schedules. I try to go to the gym before coming to shoot. And if I have an early shoot, I go to the gym after my shoot. Daily soaps are demanding, that is the reality. But when we choose to do a daily soap, we shouldn't complain. An actor is always in the public domain. Fans do reach out to click selfies and that's perfectly fine. I keep calm by talking to my mom who is a great conversationalist. And I also talk to my friends. I enjoy my company too and always make sure that I am always happy. A celeb should know where to draw the line and strike a balance between personal and professional life.

Sudhanshu Pandey

I keep my work stress under control by taking out time and spending it with my family and friends. It’s the best way to keep stress under control. I make sure I do my workouts regularly and whatever time I get I make sure to do breathing exercises that help me keep my calm and mental and physical state peaceful. Celeb burnout It could be for various reasons. I have a personality that always tries to strike a balance between personal and professional life and that’s why I only do as much as I can and do my 100%. Once it’s done, you switch off and then you are in your own space

Anuj Sachdeva

To be honest, it’s very tough to strike a balance. It needs a lot of exercise on an everyday basis. Also, it needs mental exercise. That means when you reach home you are not going to talk about work or think about it, but rather think about the rest of the things that you would want to do. Wherever we are, we always talk about the other part and when we are at work we don’t talk about home. It’s very difficult to control your mind because if you don’t then it becomes your enemy. I have seen in history that even the smartest people's minds become their enemies. One needs to control the mind, which is like exercising every day. You need to find what suits you. There is a lot of logic behind it when people say that an empty mind is like a devil’s workshop. You need to try and keep yourself occupied with something or the other that you are passionate about. There is a very simple mantra that you have to keep repeating in your mind and that is “ Don’t control things which are not controllable. Control things that can change” You need to figure out the difference between the two and that is the task. This is the biggest test we give every day. Imagine somebody there wherever he is, the work he must have done as an actor, 60-70% jobs he must have refused or haven’t got. The rejection level is so high that out of 10 jobs, somebody will get one job.

Nasirr Khan

I take my work seriously, but I don’t work seriously. It’s a simple formula. I enjoy on the sets, fooling around and playing around. Everything on the set is fake, the characters, the props, the make-up, the clothes, everything. Nothing belongs to the actors, all that the actors give are their emotions. That's it. The key is - not to let that emotion of acting creep into your real-life emotions. One needs to learn that & then even when you are down & out - you are still happy. One shouldn't get obsessed with name and fame. One should live in the moment, not in the future. I keep calm as I live one day at a time and strike balance between personal and professional life.

Khushi Dubey

Celeb burnout is a reality. Acting is a lot of hard work too, especially when you're working on a show like Aashiqana which involves a lot of action sequences. We constantly have day and night shoots as well but as they say, the show must go on. We give our best. I listen to good music so I don't get stressed. And I enjoy my work. Variety in acting keeps me calm. Celebs should take care of their mental and physical health and one should eat timely. One should not be skipping meals.