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Addicted To Spine-Chilling Documentaries? 5 Gripping OTT Docuseries To Binge Watch Over This Long Weekend

Documentaries and docuseries are the in-thing nowadays which people have been binging over and over. Here are a few gripping real-life stories on OTT that are a must-watch over this long weekend.

Victoria's Secret: Angels And Demons

We all love a good spine-chilling documentary and the discussions they follow. This newest obsession is educational and entertaining at the same time. Be it deep-diving into twisted, real-life crime stories or listening to the first-hand account of people who’ve survived the worst.

When it comes to these stories, nothing is ever what it seems and the only way to catch the inside scoop is to embrace this super addictive genre.

This weekend is the perfect time to get yourself in the documentary groove and binge on these eye-opening docuseries only on Lionsgate Play.

‘Victoria’s Secret: Angels And Demons’

Secretly wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel? We know, we all have! The iconic show wherein these stunning angels walked down the ramp and women across the world dreamt of possessing what the angels wore. But where is Victoria’s Secret today? and what exactly went wrong? ‘Victoria’s Secret: Angels And Demons’, the new three-part docuseries from Peter Berg and Matt Tyrnauer is your in-road to the off-camera footage of one of the most aspirational fashion shows of the world and how the world came crashing down on them.

‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’

Today, crime docuseries are the newest talk of the town. These shocking crimes tend to be stranger and unquestionably more horrifying than fiction dramas. ‘Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?’ is one such tale which details out in just three mind-boggling episodes how the well-known former British socialite came to support American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in his abuse and exploitation of underage girls.


What’s it like to be cajoled, threatened and blackmailed by a sexual predator who has power, history and society on his side? In October 2017, the popular Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's scandal stunned the entire world. Turns out more than 80 women had accused Weinstein of sexual abuse or misconduct. Giving rise to the #MeToo movement, a global campaign against powerful men accused of sexual misconduct. Weinstein is the first prominent face that had been found guilty of #MeToo. ‘Untouchable’, the documentary examines the downfall of Weinstein and features interviews with former colleagues and victims accusing him of sexual misconduct.

‘Confronting A Serial Killer’

If you are all about getting into the head of a serial killer and finding out the big ‘Why’ then ‘Confronting A Serial Killer’ is the perfect watch for you. The show begins with acclaimed author-journalist Jillian Lauren getting intrigued about America’s most prolific serial killer - Sam Little. This compelling five-episode docuseries also sheds light on female investigators and the criminal justice system's treatment of victims. The series is an astonishing story of an unprecedented relationship between Jillian Lauren and Sam.

‘Secrets Of The Supercars’

The first thought that comes to your mind when you think of supercars are top car companies like Ferrari, BMW, Land Rover and more. But have you ever thought about what exactly qualifies these cars as a status symbol that breaks records? The ten-episode docuseries ‘Secrets Of The Supercars’ goes behind the scenes to explore the inner workings of some of the world's most exclusive car companies on earth. Learn about the game-changing supercars of the past and what happens when engineers design to the extremes.