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'Shubh Nikah' Is A Heartfelt Story Of An Interfaith Couple And Our Insensitive Society

'Shubh Nikah' Is A Heartfelt Story Of An Interfaith Couple And Our Insensitive Society

Shubh Nikah

Film: 'Shubh Nikah'. Duration : 2 hours and 5 minutes

Director and Writer: Arshad Siddiqui. Cast: Aksha Pardasany, Rohit Vikkram, Arsh Sandhu, Govind Namdev

Producer: Bhupender Singh Sandhu, Arpit Garg

Presented By : Brandex Entertainment and Arsh Sandhu Productions

IANS Ratings : ****

It is said that life is nothing without love and love doesn't happen going by someone's caste and religion. But in India, especially Hindu-Muslim couples have to face discrimination, harassment and suffer mental agony even at the hands of their loved ones.

This film brings an important lesson about respecting other's religion and allowing lovers to choose their own fate; but nowhere does the films get preachy, and that is the best part of 'Shubh Nikah'.

The film will linger on in one's mind for long enough, making it difficult to forget. It is not only a shining example of cinema with a purpose but it is equally a very entertaining film.

The story of a Hindu boy falling in love with Muslim girl and both of them trying to get married despite disapproval from parents, has been done to death. But writer-director Arshad Siddiqui had presented Munna's and Zoya's love story in a very passionate way. It also shows the importance of loving each other without restricting anyone for faiths.

Notably, India is a country where people relentlessly talk of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood but when it comes to interfaith marriages, people are conservative to the extent of even killing the lovers. This hypocrisy and bigotry of Indian society has been well represented in our cinema for last many years but 'Shubh Nikah' shows the reality of our society in a most telling and heart-wrenching manner.

Interestingly, there are enough entertaining moments in the film to keep one engaged and hooked till the end of the film. The director maintains a fine balance throughout the film.

'Jamtara' and 'Kathmandu Connection' actress Aksha Pardasany delivers a memorable performance as Zoya whereas her Hindu lover, played by Rohit Vikkram, also excels in his role. Arsh Sandhu's role as a Muslim boy who is in love with Zoya, has also done a commendable job.

Govind Namdev as the opposing father of the girl, has brilliantly played his character. All other character artistes have also done justice to their respective roles.

The way Arshad Siddiqui has written the story and executed the film is worth praising. His hard work reflects in each and every frame of the film. Some of the dialogues are heart-wrenching and have the desired impact on the audiences.

Presented By Brandex Entertainment and Arsh Sandhu Productions, 'Shubh Nikah' is a story which is sure to touch one's heart. It is a big screen cinematic experience which would be hard to forget for many many years to come. Do not miss this one at any cost!!!