Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

‘Lock Upp’: Karan Kundrra Evicts Zeeshan Khan In A Surprise Visit

Actress Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lock Upp’ saw a major development. Actor Karan Kundrra, who is the Jailor, went in for a surprise visit and eliminated contestant Zeeshan Khan.

Karan Kundrra Eliminates Zeeshan Khan From 'Lock Upp'
Karan Kundrra Eliminates Zeeshan Khan From 'Lock Upp' Instagram

Actor Karan Kundrra made a surprise visit to actress Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp’. In the role of the house's jailor, he evicted contestant Zeeshan Khan for his savage and violent battle with contestant Azma Fallah.

It had so happened that when Khan was agitated by Fallah, he lost his cool and got into a nasty brawl with her, causing turmoil in the jail. 

For the unversed, the entire scene began with Khan getting into a violent confrontation with Fallah after she made an incorrect comment regarding Khan's girlfriend. This enraged Khan, who began yelling at Fallah. The conflict escalated when Khan began destroying Fallah's bed and make-up products, and in response to his outburst, Fallah went to Khan's bed and tossed away his protein powder. This enraged him even more. Khan’s subsequent behaviour went much above accepted limits, and that was precisely the reason why he got eliminated.

The entire incident was reported to Kundrra. 

This wasn’t the only instance where Khan had faced such rejection from the other contestants. Even only a few days ago, Khan made fun of Fallah and her personal life. In that episode, Khan was seen mocking Fallah and calling her a ‘cheli’ of contestant Payal Rohatgi. Khan even went on to call Fallah a button. Khan went on to attack Fallah by saying that even her parents would despise her. Fallah did retaliate by saying that his parents would be ashamed of seeing him behave this way on the show.

Besides Khan, contestant Mandana Karimi was also eliminated from the show this weekend.