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'Dear David' To 'Your Place Or Mine: Must-Watch Shows For All The Romance Your Heart Desires

From 'The Romantics', 'Dear David' to 'Love To Hate You', you can watch the below mentioned shows for all the romance your heart desires.

Your Place Or Mine, Dear David

If you are a die-hard fan of romantic shows or series, then you can watch some of them on OTT giant Netflix. You don't need any season to binge-watch those. From 'The Romantics', 'Dear David' to 'Love To Hate You', you can watch the below-mentioned shows for all the romance your heart desires.

'The Romantics'

A love letter to Indian cinema from over 35 of its biggest names. Watch the story of how legendary Indian filmmaker Yash Chopra and his son Aditya Chopra changed the history of Indian cinema as they launched their independent film studio.

'You: Season 4'

Starting anew in London, Joe vows to bury the past and be his best self. But on the rocky road to redemption, a new obsession starts to take hold.'

'Dear David'

A straight-A high schooler's life is turned upside down when her risqué fantasy blog about her crush is leaked to everyone at school.

'Your Place Or Mine'

When best friends and total opposites Debbie and Peter swap homes for a week, they get a peek into each other's lives that could open the door to love. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. 

'Love To Hate You'

For an attorney who despises losing to men and an A-list actor who distrusts women, love means nothing — until they’re forced to date each other.

'Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 3'

Check-in with this season's former fiancés, one year since their big decision to get married or walk away single.

'In Love All Over Again'

Ever since they met, Irene and Julio have been falling in love, splitting up, and then trying again. Will they ever find their happy ending?

'OMG! Oh My Girl'

Over the years, awkward Guy keeps falling for confident June in the wrong place at the wrong time, leading him to believe fate is playing tricks on them.

'A Girl And An Astronaut'

An astronaut's return after a 30-year disappearance rekindles a lost love and sparks interest from a corporation determined to learn why he hasn't aged.