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‘College Romance 4’ Actor Gagan Arora: I Owe Everything To OTT. My Career Is Because Of It

Gagan Arora plays one of the lead characters Bagga in ‘College Romance 4’, which premiere on July 14 on Sony LIV.

Actor Gagan Arora

The coming-of-age-comedy-drama 'College Romance' is all set to be back with its fourth and final season. The trailer for the upcoming season was recently released and showcased not only the college life, but also revolves around the prospects of the future, self discovery, the gang’s friendship, as they all finally step into the real world.

Actor Gagan Arora, who plays one of the lead characters Bagga in the show, in an exclusive chat with Outlook India, spoke about what the audience should expect from the final season, his character and more. Excerpts from the interview:

The beloved gang from ‘College Romance’ is making a final comeback. What should the audience look forward to with the show’s finale season?

I think it’s the reality of the final year of college that we are trying to bring in this season. Even the wildest characters need to make some real decisions in the final year of college, whether it's about their future or how they would earn money, what will they do about life, their relationships, all these questions need to be answered and that’s what the final season is all about. But in a fun, comical way with all the bizarre happenings of the ‘College Romance 4’. 

The trailer of the show brings big surprises. As an actor, how did you approach the role as your character too has matured over the years? 

It’s a tough character to play for me because I am very unlike him in real life. The major point was to convince people that this is one of them. Because such characters are often found in college groups, we all know someone like that. So the pressure was immense to convince everyone, because Bagga is lovable and is very harsh at the same time. It is a tough path to walk on, and the whole process was to meet as many Delhi guys as possible. I tried to pick up their language and other things.

How much do you relate with your character now?

No, not at all. There is some similarity, but yes that’s very unlikely of me too. I am not that short-tempered in real life. I do not speak that language. The similarities are that I also have a closed group of friends, and we have each other’s backs. Bagga is a one-woman man, so am I. The romantic life is very similar, he started dating young, so did I. 

What do you have to say about your OTT journey so far and how much your career has seen a boom after its evolution?

I think I owe everything to OTT. My career is because of that, it started much before the OTT boom. If it was not for OTT, I would never be as successful as I am today because the opportunities that I got are amazing. For a middle class boy coming from Delhi, it is a dream come true. You come in, and start acting with actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit. All this was a distant dream but all this is possible because of the kind of opportunities that we have due to OTT, and that’s how I could showcase my craft. 

What next for you now, in terms of shows and films?

There’s a horror show I am doing for Amazon Prime, which is slated to come out early next year. I am starting another film next month. 

'College Romance' Season 4, which is directed by Ashutosh Pankaj and is created by The Viral Fever, also stars Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta, Nupur Nagpal, Jahnvi Rawat, and Eklavey Kashyap in key roles. It will premiere on July 14 on Sony LIV.