Go On A Nature-friendly Break From Bhopal

These nature-friendly destinations, within easy driving distance from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, are good for both daylong trips and overnight ones

Catch the blue waters of the Kerwa Dam as you go zipping past


About 25km away from Bhopal, this quaint village lies in the middle of a green valley surrounded by undulating hills. Go exploring the forested trails, the rock shelters and waterfalls, with local youths trained by the state's eco-tourism development board. You may also try mountian biking. Stay in tents, and enjoy simple meals prepared by the local people. You may also go on a special village tour to know more about the tribal communities living here.


About 15km from Bhopal, this is ideal for families with kids and for college students. Go up a watch tower to get a closer look at the tree canopy, take a walk down a hanging bridge or go boating in the Kerwa Dam. There are areas earmarked for picnics. There is a herbal garden—Dhanwantary—where you can learn about medicinal plants. You can also take part in many adventure activities, such as nature walks, trekking, rappelling, zip lining, kayaking, etc. But avoid bathing in the lake for safety reasons. Also remember ot be accompanied by a trained guide while going on nature walks. 


About 20km from Bhopal, here too you will find specially trained guides to take ypu on an exploration thorugh the forests encircling the village. Some of the popular acitvities include bird watching, rock climbing, cycling, etc. Acommodation is available in the forest rest house and in a limited number of prefabricated cottages. You can also set up your own tent (with prior permission) within the forest complex. The eco jungle camp offers various packages.

Information: These places have been developed by Madhya Pradesh Ecotourism Development Board for community-based eco-tourism. Facilities are simple but clean. Enlist the services of the trained guides from the villages for all activities.  

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