IND Vs PAK Highlights, ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup: Yashasvi Jaiswal's Ton Helps India Defeat Pakistan By 10 Wickets

Yashasvi Jaiswal scored a gallant century to help India defeat Pakistan in the semifinal of the U-19 Cricket World Cup. Follow here highlights of Pakistan (PAK) Vs India (IND) here.

IND Vs PAK Highlights, ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup: Yashasvi Jaiswal's Ton Helps India Defeat Pakistan By 10 Wickets

India defeated Pakistan by 10 wickets in the semifinals of the U-19 Cricket World Cup in South Africa. India produced an excellent bowling display restricting their opponents for 172 in 43.1 overs, overhauling the target with ease. India scored 170 for no loss in 35.1 overs. Follow here highlights of Pakistan (PAK) Vs India (IND) of the U-19 Cricket World Cup semifinals here.

19:43 hrs IST: SIX!! JAISWAL FINISHES IT IN STYLE!!! Ali sends a poor delivery, Jaiswal sends it past the deep mid-wicket region for a six for his first hundred of the World Cup.

35.2 overs | IND 168/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 105 (113), Divyaansh Saxena 59 (99)

India win by 10 wickets!

19:40 hrs IST: No run. It was a good ball by Akram. Jaiswal beaten by its pace.

35 overs | IND 168/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 99 (112), Divyaansh Saxena 59 (98)

India need 5 runs from 15 overs.

19:37 hrs IST: One run. It was full delivery. Saxena sends it to long-on.

34 overs | IND 161/0, Divyaansh Saxena 58 (95), Yashasvi Jaiswal 93 (109)

India need 12 runs from 16 overs.

19:25 hrs IST: No run. Jaiswal sends Ali's delivery towards short mid-wicket.

32 overs | IND 156/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 92 (105), Divyaansh Saxena 56 (87)

India need 17 runs from 18 overs.

19:21 hrs IST: FOUR!! Not a good ball by Afridi. Saxena sends it down to third man boundary.

31 overs | IND 151/0, Divyaansh Saxena 55 (85), Yashasvi Jaiswal 89 (100)

19:19 hrs IST: SIX! A shorter delivery by Afridi. Jaiswal sends it through midwicket.

30.2 overs | IND 140/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 82 (98), Divyaasn Saxena 51 (84)

19:17 hrs IST: A full toss by Munir. Saxena sends it to deep cover. One run and a fifty for Saxena.

30 overs | IND 133/0, Divyaansh Saxena 50 (83), Yashasvi Jaiswal 76 (97)

India need 40 runs from 20 overs.

19:09 hrs IST: FOUR!! It was a full slower ball by Afridi from around the wicket. Jaiswal clears the front leg and lifts it over the fielder in infield. Sent to the midwicket boundary.

28.1 overs | IND 120/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 67 (90), Divyaansh Saxena 46 (79(

19:00 hrs IST: A length delivery by Munir at the stumps. Jaiswal defends it to leg side.

26 overs | IND 60 (83), Yashasvi Jaiswal 60 (83), Divyaansh Saxena 44 (73)

18:50 hrs IST: One run. It was short length delivery. Jaiswal opens the face of his bat and runs it down. 100 reached!

21.6 overs | IND 100/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 53 (69), Divyaansh Saxena 40 (63)

18:43 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Ali's ball inside edges Saxena and nutmegs the wicketkeeper. Saxena went for the length ball and tried to defend it.

20 overs | IND 86/0, Divyaansh Saxena 40 (62), Yashasvi Jaiswal 39 (58)

18:31 hrs IST: SIX! EXCELLENT SHOT! Ali sends a poor delivery. Jaiswal simply shuffles a bit and then lashes it beyond deep mid-wicket.

17.1 overs | IND 73/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 33 (47), Divyaansh Saxena 33 (56)

18:21 hrs IST: Two runs. It was a length delivery by Afridi. Jaiswal whips it in front of square on the on side. QUALITY BATTING!

14.5 overs | IND 58/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 27 (44), Divyaansh Saxena 25 (45)

18:15 hrs IST: EXQUISITE TIMING! Jaiswal eases Akram's delivery through covers with such comfort. FOUR!

13.5 overs | IND 52/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 23 (41), Divyaansh Saxena 24 (42)

18:12 hrs IST: FOUR! It was a short delivery by Afridi. Saxena cuts it away, past third man. Excellent timing!

12.5 overs | IND 44/0, Divyaansh Saxena 24 (41), Yashasvi Jaiswal 15 (36)

18:08 hrs IST: No run. It was lofting leg break by Qasim. Jaiswal drives to mid-on.

12 overs | IND 40/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 15 (36), Divyaansh Saxena 20 (36)

18:00 hrs IST: One run. Saxena flicks Amir's delivery towards third man. India are picking up the pace though.

10 overs | IND 33/0, Divyaansh Saxena 14 (26), Yashasvi Jaiswal 15 (34)

India need 140 runs from 40 overs.

17:58 hrs IST: No run. Jaiswal sends Tahir's delivery towards mid-off. Pragmatic start by India.

9 overs | IND 28/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 15 (34), Divyaansh Saxena 9 (20)

17:49 hrs IST: Two runs. Jaiswal's sends it towards long leg. Khan puts in a good dive running in from fine leg, to stop a four.

6.5 overs | IND 25/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 14 (28), Divyaansh Saxena 8 (13)


17:44 hrs IST: No run. Jaiswal drives the straight ball towards mid-off. A maiden over Amir.

6 overs | IND 20/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 12 (27), Divyaansh Saxena 5 (9)

17:41 hrs IST: No run. It was a good length ball by Tahir. Saxena drives it towards cover.

5 overs | IND 20/0, Divyaansh Saxea 5 (9), Yashasvi Jaiswal 12 (21)

17:32 hrs IST: No run. Jaiswal drives Tahir's delivery to wide mid-off.

3 overs | IND 14/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 10 (15), Divyaansh Saxena 2 (3)

17:29 hrs IST: One run. A lofted delivery by Akram. Jaiswal sends it with a forward press at long-off.


2 overs | IND 12/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 9 (10), Divyaansh Saxena 1 (2)

17:24 hrs IST: One run. It was a good length ball by Tahir. Jaiswal sends towards mid-on.

0.5 over | IND 5/0, Yashasvi Jaiswal 3 (5), Divyaansh Saxena 0 (0)

16:52 hrs IST: OUT!!! Good ball, and it goes in the air. Caught at cover by Veer. Aamir tried to pull it but sliced it to off-side.

Aamir Ali c Siddhesh Veer b Sushant Mishra 1 (6)

43.1 overs | PAK 172/all out, Amir Khan 0 (0)


16:49 hrs IST: OUT!! The wicketkeeper takes it. It was a short ball by Tyagi. Hussain tries to defend it but it comes off the high part and is an easy catch.


Tahir Hussain c Jurel b Tyagi 2 (10)

43 overs | PAK 172/9, Aamir Ali 1 (5)

In comes, Amir Khan.

16:42 hrs IST: OUT! Mishra cramped Nazir at leg stump line with a short delivery. He tried for the pull, but lobbed it to Varma.

Rohail Nazir c Tilak Varma b Sushant Mishra 62 (102)

41.4 overs | PAK 169/8, Tahir Hussain 1 (7)

In comes, Aamir Ali.

16:38 hrs IST: One run. It was a slower delivery by Mishra. Nazir drives it to sweeper cover.

41.1 overs | PAK 167/7, Rohail Nazir 62 (100), Tahir Hussain 0 (6)



Also, the umpire turns down an lbw appeal.

39.1 overs | PAK 164/7, Rohail Nazir 59 (88), Tahir Hussain 0 (5)

16:23 hrs IST: OUT!! An excellent googly by Bishnoi and Pakistan keep falling away. He bowled over the wicket and got it to turn into the batsman. Good bowling.

Abbas Afridi lbw b Ravi Bishnoi 2 (3)

38.1 overs | PAK 163/7, Rohail Nazir 59 (87)

In comes, Tahir Hussain.

16:17 hrs IST: OUT! A perfect inswinging yorker by Tyagi! Irfan tries to go for a drive, but it takes past his inside edge. Good bowling! Took the off stump!


Irfan Khan b Kartik Tyagi 3 (9)

37.2 overs | PAK 156/6, Rohail Nazir 54 (85)

In comes, Abbas Afridi.

16:13 hrs IST: One run and a half century for Nazir. Good innings by the Pakistan captain. Ankolekar sent it outside off. Nazir drives it to sweeper cover for his fifty.

36.5 overs | PAK 150/5, Rohail nazir 50/84), Irfan Khan 2 (6)

16:04 hrs IST: SPECTACULAR CATCH!!!! Good delivery by Ankolekar. Saxena takes it incredibly at deep square. Excellent low dive!


Mohammad Harris c Saxena b Ankolekar 21 (15)

34.4 overs | PAK 146/5, Rohail Nazir 48 (78)


In comes, Irfan Khan.

15:49 hrs IST: No run. Nazir taps Singh's length ball towards point.

32 overs | PAK 128/4, Rohail Nazir 42 (70), Maojammad Haris 9 (7)

15:43 hrs IST: OUT!!! A MIX-UP! UTTER CHAOS!! It was a length ball by Bishnoi. Qasim sends it to cover and goes for a run, but Rohail doesn't want one. The fielder sends it to the keeper, with both batsmen to the same end. Nazir reaches the non-striker's end earlier.

Qasim Akram run out Ankolekar/Jurel 9 (16)

30.3 overs | PAK 118/4, Rohail Nazir 41 (68)

In comes, Mohammad Haris.

15:32 hrs IST: No run. A good full one by Mishra. Akram cannot make contact with it.


28.1 overs | PAK 104/3, Qasim Akram 1 (6), Rohail Nazir 35 (64)

15:28 hrs IST: One run. It was a length ball by Mishra. Nazir sends it to point. 100 reached by Pakistan.

27 overs | PAK 100/3, Rohail Nazir 31 (58), Qasim Akram 1 (5)

15:22 hrs IST: OUT!! Jaiswal sends a short delivery which turns away as Haider looks to cut it. It goes to the man at point in a low manner. He catches it with ease.

Haider Ali c Ravi Bishnoi b Yashasvi Jaiswal 56 (77)

25.3 overs | PAK 96/3, Rohail Nazir 29 (54)

In comes, Qasim Akram.


15:14 hrs IST: FOUR! Ali sends Bishnoi's delivery hard and off the edge. It goes past slip and away to third man. FIFTY FOR ALI! DOING IT WHEN ITS NEEDED!

23.1 overs | PAK 90/2, Haider Ali 53 (70), Rohail Nazir 26 (47)

15:09 hrs IST: FOUR! Not a good ball by Bishnoi. Ali sends it down to the leg side. The fielder inside the circle can't catch up. 50-run partnership has been achieved!

21.5 overs | PAK 84/2, Haider Ali 48 (66), Rohail Nazir 25 (43)

15:07 hrs IST: No run. Nazir drives it back to the bowler's left. Good delivery!

21 overs | PAK 80/2, Rohail Nazir 25 (43), Haider Ali 44 (61)


15:03 hrs IST: One run. A googly by Bishnoi. Ali sends it towards fine leg.

20 overs | PAK 77/2, Haider Ali 42 (59), Rohail Nazir 24 (39)

14:52 hrs IST: Two runs. It was a short one by Ankolekar. Nazir sends it to left of the man at sweeper cover. Good running.

17 overs | PAK 60/2, Rohail Nazir 18 (33), Haider Ali 31 (47)

14:42 hrs IST: It was a full outside off delivery by Tyagi. Nazir sends it to sweeper cover. One run.

15 overs | PAK 55/2, Rohail Nazir 15 (26), Haider Ali 29 (42)

14:34 hrs IST: FOUR!! It was a short delivery by Singh and pretty poor. It was wide outside off, Nazir cuts it and sends it to the boundary ropes.


13.2 overs | PAK 51/2, Rohail Nazir 12 (18), Haider Ali 28 (40)

14:27 hrs IST: No run. It was good short length delivery by Singh. Nazir sends it to backward point.

12 overs | PAK 45/2, Rohail Nazir 7 (11), Haider Ali 27 (39)

14:18 hrs IST: No run. It was a good length delivery by Mishra on leg stump. Ali sends it to square leg's left.

10 overs | PAK 36/2, Haider Ali 25 (37), Rohail Nazir 0 (1)

14:13 hrs IST: OUT!! Fahad never looked like he was in the game. Bishnoi sends a googly, it was short and turning away outside off. Fahad tried to pull it, but sends it for a catch in off side.


Fahad Munir c Atharva Ankolekar b Ravi Bishnoi 0 (16)

8.5 overs | PAK 34/2, Haider Ali 23 (31)

In comes, Rohail Nazir.

14:10 hrs IST: No run. Mishra sends a slower delivery, full toss outside off. Munir defends it to gully.

8 overs | PAK 33/1, Fahad Munir 0 (14), Haider Ali 24 (28)

14:04 hrs IST: FOUR! Bishnoi sent a legbreaker, but it wasn't a good trajectory. Ali sends it over mid-on.

6.4 overs | PAK 31/1, Haider Ali 22 (23), Fahad Munir 0 (11)

13:57 hrs IST: FOUR!!! Haider sends it through point. Tyagi bowled wide outside off and it was short. Good batting by Haider.


4.4 overs | PAK 22/1, Haider Ali 14 (18), Fahad Munir 0 (5)

13:52 hrs IST: FOUR!!! STYLISH!!! It was a length ball by Mishra. Ali sends it between point and cover.

3.2 overs | PAK 16/1, Haider Ali 9 (9), Fahar Munir 0 (4)

13:43 hrs IST: OUTTT!!!! NOT GOOD!! It was short of a length delivery by Mishra, at his mid-riff. Huraira tried to pull, but he cramped up. He sends it for square leg.

Mohammad Huraira c Divyaansh Saxena b Sushant Mishra 4 (6)

2 overs | PAK 9/1, Haider Ali 4 (6)

In comes, Fahad Munir.


13:39 hrs IST: FOUR!! EXQUISITE!!! It was an inswinger from Mishra on a leg stump line. Huraira whips it to the midwicket boundary.

1.1 overs | PAK 8/0, Mohammad Huraira 4 (1), Haider Ali 4 (6)

13:37 hrs IST: No run. It was a length delivery by Tyagi, coming in from wide of the crease. Ali left it alone.

1 over | PAK 4/0, Haider Ali 4 (6), Mohammad Huraira 0 (0)

13:27 hrs IST: Here are the starting XIs-

India: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Divyaansh Saxena, Tilak Verma, Priyam Garg, Dhruv Jurel, Siddhesh Veer, Atharva Ankolekar, Ravi Bishnoi, Sushant Mishra, Kartik Tyagi, Akash Singh


Pakistan: Haider Ali, Mohammad Huraira, Rohail Nazir, Fahad Munir, Qasim Akram, Mohammad Haris, Irfan Khan, Abbas Afridi, Tahir Hussain, Amir Ali, Mohammad Amir Khan

13:08 hrs IST: "Very happy to bowl first. India-Pakistan matches are more hyped by the crowd than the players. No changes to the team," quipped Priyam Garg.

13:04 hrs IST: Pakistan's Rohail Nazir says after the toss, "We're going to bat first because it's a semi-final game. We have to put a good score on the board and defend it. It's time to make a mark in the big game, especially for us experienced players in the team. I think this match is always a bigger one against India, hopefully we have a good match today and play good cricket. Same team as the one that played Afghanistan."


13:01 hrs IST: Pakistan have won the toss and elected to bat first.

12:36 PM IST: The last time these two teams met in U-19 World Cup, in the semis, Shubman Gill smashed an unbeaten century (102 off 94) to help India thrash Pakistan by 203 runs. Earlier today, Gill retained his place in the Indian Test squad.

12:27 PM IST: Elsewhere, Virat Kohli has CONFIRMED comeback kid Prithvi Shaw's batting position in ODIs. Interesting development. India are likely to use two debutant openers in the opener against New Zealand.

12:21 PM IST: Tournament wins for India and Pakistan - 

India: 2000, 2008, 2012, 2018
Pakistan: 2004, 2006


12:19 PM IST: Here are some interesting facts - 

- Yuvraj Singh won Player of the Tournament in 2000;
- Shikhar Dhawan's tally of 505 runs in 2004 is still the most in a single edition;
- Sarfaraz Khan registered a record seven half-centuries across two campaigns;
- Mushtaq Ahmed claimed a record 19 wickets in 1988

12:14 PM IST: Head-to-head record (PAK 5-4 IND)

1988: Pakistan won by 68 runs
1998: India won by 5 wickets
2002: Pakistan won by 2 wickets
2004: Pakistan won by 5 wickets (semi-final)
2006: Pakistan won by 38 runs (final)
2010: Pakistan won by 2 wickets (quarter-final)
2012: India won by 1 wicket (quarter-final)
2014: India won by 40 runs
2018: India won by 203 runs (semi-final)


12:09 PM IST: What happened so far?

India became the first team to qualify for the semi-finals after defeating Australia in a low-scoring affair. India defended 233/9 to win the match by 74 runs, with Kartik Tyagi claiming four wickets. Pakistan, on the other hand, were the last team to make the last four. They beat Afghanistan in their quarter-final match by six wickets in another low-scoring match.

India topped Group A, winning all their matches -- against Sri Lanka (by 90 runs), Japan (by 10 wickets) and New Zealand (by 44 runs, DLS).

Pakistan finished second behind Bangladesh in Group C. They won two -- against Scotland (by seven wickets) and Zimbabwe (by 38 runs), but rain spoilt their league match against Bangladesh.


12:03 PM IST: Here are the squads

India: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Divyansh Saxena, Tilak Varma, Priyam Garg (c), Dhruv Jurel (wk), Siddhesh Veer, Atharva Ankolekar, Ravi Bishnoi, Sushant Mishra, Kartik Tyagi, Akash Singh, Vidyadhar Patil, Shubhang Hegde, Shashwat Rawat, Kumar Kushagra.

Pakistan: Haider Ali, Mohammad Huraira, Rohail Nazir(c & wk), Fahad Munir, Qasim Akram, Mohammad Haris, Irfan Khan, Abbas Afridi, Tahir Hussain, Aamir Ali, Mohammad Amir Khan, Mohammad Wasim Jr, Abdul Bangalzai, Muhammad Shehzad, Arish Ali Khan.

Having seen some of the future stars cutting their teeth in this tournament and also With better broadcast and 'coverage', thanks to social media sharing and instant reactions, the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup has now become a popular tournament for fans, players, organisers and even for talent scouts. Add an India vs Pakistan fixture, and it becomes a bigger spectacle. Any India-Pakistan match is the marquee game for every cricket tournament. Now, ICC has got one, irrespective of the stage. Like their senior pros, these future stars also know what to do when they meet in the field. So, expect an intense clash.


Reigning champions India are vying to join Pakistan as the only teams defend the title successfully. The Priyam Garg-led side should start as the favourites against Pakistan. But Pakistan lead the head-to-head record 5-4, thanks to their head-start. Though, just like the seniors, Indian colts are in a course-correction mode, having won their last three meetings, including a 203-run hammering in 2018. Both sides are unbeaten so far.

India are the most successful side in the tournament, winning the title a record four times. Pakistan have been crowned champions twice. They defeated India by 38 runs in the 2006 final in Colombo.