IND Vs PAK, T20 World Cup: Babar Azam Leads Pakistan Rout Of India - Highlights

Babar Azam (68) and Mohammad Rizwan (79) made light of a 152-run target to help Pakistan break a World Cup jinx against India. IND v PAK highlights here.

IND Vs PAK, T20 World Cup: Babar Azam Leads Pakistan Rout Of India - Highlights

Pakistan finally defeated India in a World Cup match. Chasing India's 151/7, Pakistan reached the target in 17.5 overs with openers Mohammad Rizwan (79 off 55) and Babar Azam (68 off 52) producing a peerless batting display of complete dominance. Result, a ten-wicket hammering of India in their ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021, Super 12 match. In front of a packed Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Babar won a crucial toss and put India into bat. Then Shaheen Afridi rocked India with two early wickets before Virat Kohli played the rescue act with a fifty (57 off 49). But as it turned out, the skipper's effort was not enough. A target of 152 runs proved too little for an inspired side. Pakistan next face Afghanistan, while India take on New Zealand in their respective second matches in Group 2. Catch highlights and cricket scores of India vs Pakistan here:

11:18 PM IST: Reactions

"Credit where it's due and Pakistan outplayed India, said Virat Kohli after the match. "They started brilliantly with the ball, and 3 wickets for 20 runs was not a good start." But he believes that India will hit back. "This is just the first game of the tournament, not the last."

Babar Azam said, the wicket was getting better and took chances. Pakistan captain also hailed his bowlers.

"Early wickets were very helpful. It gave us a lot of confidence and our spinners were very good as well. We applied our plans and got the results. We, the openers, kept it simple and built a partnership and because the wicket was getting better," Pakistan's first captain to beat India said.

10:59 PM IST: Result

Mohammed Shami on with his final over. And a six to start as Mohammad Rizwan pulls the full toss over fine leg boundary. Pakistan two sixes away from a historic first win against India in World Cups. A four to mid-wicket boundary. And a four to square leg boundary. A single to rotate the strike. Captain Babar Azam hits the winnings runs, a double to mid-wicket. Hammering... by ten wickets. PAK - 152/0 (17.5); IND - 151/7 (20). Some mauka!

10:53 PM IST: 17 In 18

Bhuvneshwar Kumar on with his third over. Two singles, then a dot. A wide to Mohammad Rizwan. A single, then a wide to Babar Azam. A double to long off. Seven from the over. Pakistan need 17 runs in 18 balls. PAK - 135/0 (17)

10:48 PM IST: 24 In 24

Mohammed Shami returns for his third. And Mohammad Rizwan hits the first for a four, one fine pull shot. A dot, then two singles. One leg bye. A dot to end the over. Pakistan need 24 runs in 24 balls. PAK - 128/0 (16)

10:41 PM IST: 31 In 30

Jasprit Bumrah returns for his third over. A dot, then a four to cow corner. And fifty Mohammad Rizwan in fifty in 41 balls (three fours and two sixes). A double to mid-wicket, then three singles. Nine from the over. Pakistan need 31 runs in 30 balls. PAK - 121/0 (15)

10:36 PM IST: 40 In 36

Ravindra Jadeja on with his final over. A single, the Babar Azam hits the second ball for a four to long on. Some footwork. A single to rotate the strike. Another single, to long off. A dot, then a four to fine leg as Babar moves to 61 off 45. 11 from the over. Jadeja's figures: 0/28. Pakistan need 40 runs in 36 balls. PAK - 112/0 (14)

10:32 PM IST: Babar Fifty

Varun Chakaravarthy on with his final over. Babar Azam takes a single, then sa six over cow corner as Mohammad Rizwan connects his slog sweep. A single, then another six, this time over mid-wicket. And fifty for Babar Azam, in 40 balls. Four fours and two sixes to go with a quiet celebration. A single to long on and a 10-run stand. Another single and 16 from the over. Chakaravarthy's figures: 0/33. Pakistan need 51 runs in 42 balls. PAK - 101/0 (13)

10:27 PM IST: 67 In 48

Ravindra Jadeja returns for his third over. Five runs from it, including one leg bye. Pakistan need 67 runs in 48 balls. PAK - 85/0 (12)

10:24 PM IST: Opening Stand Record

Jasprit Bumrah returns for his second over. Babar Azam plays the first to extra cover for a double, then a four to mid-off. Powerful drive. A dot. And Pakistan have their best opening stand against India. 77. Two dots, then a double to long off. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya has gone for a scan. He was hit on the shoulder during batting. Ishan Kishan is his sub. A single to third man. Nine from the over. Pakistan need 72 runs in 54 balls. PAK - 80/0 (11)

10:17 PM IST: Drinks

Varun Chakaravarthy continues. Babar Azam hits the first ball for a four to third man. A single, then Mohammad Rizwan takes a double, to long on. A quick single even as a direct hit from Bhuvneshwar Kumar from square leg hits the target at the nonstriker's end. Azam survives. Another single, then a dot. Nine from the over. Pakistan need 81 runs in 60 balls. PAK - 71/0 (10)

10:12 PM IST:  Azam Class

Ravindra Jadeja continues. Three singles then a dot to Babar Azam, but Pakistan skipper responds with a six over mid-wicket boundary. Handsome. A single to cover to end the over. 10 from it. PAK - 62/0 (9)


10:08 PM IST: Fifty Up

Varun Chakaravarthy returns for his second over. Two singles. Then, a wide down the leg. Rishabh Pant gets some action, going for a stumping against Mohammad Rizwan. A dot, then a single to long on. A couple of singles to end the over. Six from it. PAK - 52/0 (8)

10:04 PM IST: Jadeja On

Bowling change. Ravindra Jadeja on. Mohammad Rizwan plays the first ball, to long on for a single. Then three dots to Babar Azam. A single to mid-wicket, and another one to third man. Three singles from the over. PAK - 46/0 (7)


10:01 PM IST: Powerplay Over

Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns for his second over. A wide, then a double and a single as Mohammad Rizwan races to 24 off 18. Babar Azam plays the next to point for a single. Another single, to cover. Azam flicks the fifth for a double. A dot to end over. Eight from it. PAK - 43/0 (6)

9:55 PM IST: Expensive Shami

Mohammed Shami continues. Mohammad Rizwan plays the first ball to square leg for a single. A dot, then a four to deep square leg. Lofted. Another single, this time to mid-wicket. And another four to backward square leg with Mohammad Rizwan timing his pull shot to perfection. A single to end the 11-run over. PAK - 35/0 (5)


9:49 PM IST: Spin On

Double bowling change. Varun Chakaravarthy on. Two singles, then Ravindra Jadeja stops a certain four, at backward point. Fires back with a direct hit. Now, three dots to Babar Azam. Another one. Two from the over. PAK - 24/0 (4)

9:46 PM IST: Bumrah On

Bowling change. Jasprit Bumrah on. Mohammad Rizwan takes a single, to mid-wicket. Two dots to Babar Azam. Then a three, to deep mid-wicket with Suryakumar Yadav stopping the ball. Two dots to Rizwan. PAK - 22/0 (3)

9:41 PM IST: Babar Class

Mohammed Shami shares the new ball with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Babar Azam takes a single, then a dot. A double to square leg Mohammad Rizwan continues to score freely. A quick single to mid-on. Azam then hits a classy cover drive for a four. Imperious. A dot to end the over. Eight from the over. PAK - 18/0 (2)


9:36 PM IST: Chase Begins

Bhuvneshwar Kumar with the new ball. Mohammad Rizwan takes the strike, and already hint of movement. A dot, then a four to mid-wicket. A diving Varun Chakravarthy touches the rope. And a six over square leg boundary. Smooth. A dot, another one. And another. 10 from the over. Babar Azam is yet to take face a ball. Target - 152

9:20 PM IST: Innings Break

Haris Rauf with the final over. A dot, then a double to long on. Then Babar Azam takes an easy catch at extra cover to send Hardik Pandya (11 off 8) back. Mohammed Shami is the new man. Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes a double, to mid-wicket. Another double, to mid-wicket again, and 150 up for India. One bye to end the over. Seven from the over. Rauf's figures: 1/25. 51 runs and three wickets in the last five overs. IND - 151/7 (20)


9:13 PM IST: Overthrows

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the new batter. A single to mid-wicket. And Hardik Pandya finishes with a four, to backward point. No, a front-foot no-ball. Free hit. And five runs. Pandya missed the ball and goes for a quick bye. Afridi throws at the non-striker's end and it goes for four overthrows. 17 from the over. Afridi's figures: 3/31. IND - 144/6 (19)

9:09 PM IST: Kohli Goes

Shaheen Afridi on with his final over. A wide, then a dot. Hardik Pandya gets a lucky four as Afridi misses his attempted yorker. He brings down the bat just in time and gets a fine edge to beat the wicket. A top edge and a single. Then Afridi gets Virat Kohli's wicket with a slower bouncer. Mistimed. Caught behind. Kohli finally gets out against Pakistan in T20Is. He goes for 57 off 49. IND - 133/6 (18.4)


9:04 PM IST: Jadeja Goes

Hasan Ali on with his final over. Virat Kohli gently pushes the first ball to mid-wicket, and fifty in 45 balls for the India captain. Four fours and one six, so far. Then, a four to extra cover boundary. Commanding. Lofted shot with supreme control. Now, Ravi Shastri makes his presence known, a coy smile. A single to cover as Ravindra Jadeja returns to take strike. And a four to fine leg. A slower ball for the reply and it fetches a wicket. Jadeja (13 off 12) holes out, caught by sub fielder Mohammad Nawaz. 41-run stand broken. Hardik Pandya joins Kohli. Skipper takes a double to end the over. 13 from the over. Ali's figures: 2/44. IND - 127/5 (18)


8:58 PM IST: Kohli 48 Off 44

Haris Rauf on with his third over. Three singles, then a slower ball to Virat Kohli. India captain misses it. Or rather, gets beaten. Another dot, straight to point. And glimpses of Hardik Pandya warming up. On the middle, and Kohli flicks it for a single. Four singles from the over. IND - 114/4 (17)

8:54 PM IST: Kohli Fours

Hasan Ali returns for his third over. A dot and Virat Kohli gets a fine nick for a four to fine leg boundary. A dot, then a four through cover. Timing! Two singles to the over. 10 from it. IND - 110/4 (16)


8:48 PM IST: 100 Up For India

Shadab Khan on with his final over. Another tidy one from the spinner. Two dots, then four singles. And 100 up for India. His figures: 1/22. 40 runs in the last five overs. IND - 100/4 (15)

8:45 PM IST: Kohli Holds Key

Haris Rauf returns for his second over. Virat Kohli plays the first to long on for a single. A dot, then a double as Ravindra Jadeja plays it fine to third man. Shoaib Malik saves two. A single, to the same area. A wide of height, to Virat Kohli. To the leg and Kohli flicks it for a four to fine leg boundary. A dot to end the nine-run over. IND - 96/4 (14)


8:40 PM IST: Jadeja Joins Kohli

Ravindra Jadeja gets the promotion, ahead of Hardik Pandya Six runs and a wicket from Shadab Khan's third over. IND - 84/4 (13)

8:36 PM IST: Pant Goes

Shadab Khan returns. A double off the first as Rishabh Pant gets fine nick, down the leg. A wide, then the wicket of Pant. A skier and the bowler takes the catch. Pant goes for 39 off 30. IND - 84/4 (12.2)

8:34 PM IST: Fifty-run Stand

Hasan Ali returns for his second over. A dot then a six over deep square leg. 'One-handed' Rishabh Pant can make balls disappear. Another one-handed six, this time, to long off. Back-to-back sixes for the southpaw. A double to backward point. And a single to fine leg for a 50-run stand in 37 balls. A dot to Virat Kohli to end the over. 15 from it. IND - 81/3 (12)


8:29 PM IST: Dealing In Singles

Rishabh Pant takes a fresh guard. And bowling change for Pakistan. Haris Rauf, right arm pacer, into the attack. A single, then a wide. A single to third man as Virat Kohli plays it with soft hands. Two more singles as the Indian batters rotate the strike. A dot, then another single. Six from the over. IND - 66/3 (11)

8:20 PM IST: Drinks

Mohammad Hafeez continues. A single, then Rishab Pant plays a late chop for a four to third man. Another single. Three more singles and eight from the over. 30 runs from the last five. IND - 60/3 (10)


8:17 PM IST: 50 Up For India

Shadab Khan continues. Virat Kohli takes a single, then a dot to Rishabh Pant. A double to backward point, then two singles. A four to fine leg and Pant connects his sweep. Nine from the over. IND - 52/3 (9)

8:13 PM IST: Spin From Both Ends

Double bowling change. Mohammad Hafeez, off-spinner, on. A dot, then a single to deep mid-wicket as Virat Kohli gets a strike after eight balls. A single, then a caught behind appeal. Pakistan take the review. Pant goes for a reverse sweep, and he survives. Two more singles. Four from the over. IND - 43/3 (8)


8:07 PM IST: India Struggle

Bowling change. Shadab Khan into the attack. Three dots, then a couple of runs for Rishabh pant to backward point. A dot, then a single to fine leg. Three from the over. IND - 39/3 (7)

8:01 PM IST: SKY Gone

Hasan Ali gets his first over and Suryakumar Yadav (11 off 8) is gone. Caught behind by a diving Rizwan. Rishabh Pant joins Virat Kohli in the middle. IND - 31/3 (5.4)

7:57 PM IST: Kohli's First Six

Shaheen Afridi continues. A double to mid-wicket, then three dots. Virat Kohli then hits the fifth ball for a six. Stamping authority with a pull. And attempted yorker to end the over. Nine from the over. IND - 30/2 (5)


7:51 PM IST: First Four

Imad Wasim continues. Two dots to Virat Kohli, then a single. Suryakumar Yadav hits the last ball for a four. Seven from the over. IND - 21/2 (4)

7:47 PM IST: First Six

Suryakumar Yadav joins Virat Kohli in the middle. And he hoicks the last ball for a six, over square leg boundary. Eight runs and a wicket. IND - 14/2 (3)

7:43 PM IST: Afridi On Fire

Shaheen Shah Afridi is on fire. KL Rahul is bowled. Unplayable. Another inswinger and Rahul has no answer to it. IND - IND 6/2 (2.1)

7:34 PM IST: Dream Delivery


Two dots then a single as KL Rahul. And a beauty from Shaheen Afridi. Rohit Sharma (0 off 1) gets beaten by the pace and is trapped in front. Hint of swing and bang in front. Middle stump. Virat Kohli is the new batter for India. 1/1 (0.4)

7:28 PM IST:  Take A Bow

Anthems done. Players are ready for the clash. KL Rahul takes the first strike. Rohit Sharma is his opening partner. Shaheen Afridi with the new ball. 

Indians take the knee, while Pakistanis placed their hands on their hearts. Nice gestures all around. In fact, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam were apparently talking about the 'racism' protest.


7:19 PM IST: Asalanka Stars In Sharjah

A little while in Sharjah, Sri Lanka chased down Bangladesh's 171/4 in 18.5 overs with Charith Asalanka hitting an unbeaten 80 off 49. The 2014 champions are setting the pace in Group 2.

7:16 PM IST: Early Reactions

Pakistan captain Babar Azam said that Pakistan will "look to take early wickets and put pressure" and the "dew is also a factor." Virat Kohli, India captain, said, they "are pretty happy with setting the target," but also admitted that they "would have bowled first".

The big news though is the selection of Hardik Pandya. "The back is fine, it was jittery, but I won't be bowling for now," this is what he said a while ago.


7:10 PM IST: Playing XIs

India: Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli (c), Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Varun Chakaravarthy, Jasprit Bumrah.

Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi.

7:05 PM IST: Toss

Pakistan win the toss and opt to bowl first against India.

6:56 PM IST: It's a mini-festival in Dubai. It's a packed house even with only 70 per cent admittance.


Indian and Pakistani fans dance together in Dubai. AP photo

6:46 PM IST: Captains


Virat Kohli is yet to be dismissed against Pakistan. In three matches, he has scored 78, 36, 55 not outs. Babar Azam, meanwhile, is the second-highest scorer (1363) this calendar year, only behind Pakistan compatriot Mohammad Rizwan (1462).

6:34 PM IST:  The Rivalry

A brief India vs Pakistan, T20 history. They have officially met eight times, with India leading the head-to-head record 7-1. In their first meeting, India won a bowl out in 2007. It was followed by that five-run win in the final. India won the next meeting in Colombo by eight wickets in 2012. Pakistan registered their first and only win the same year in Bengaluru, by five wickets. India are now on a four-match unbeaten run against Pakistan. In the last meeting, India beat Pakistan by six wickets at Eden Gardens in 2016.



India: Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli (c), Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Rahul Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Ishan Kishan, Varun Chakaravarthy.

Pakistan 12: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi, Haider Ali.