All-India Ladies Amateur Golf Championship 2023: Vidhatri Urs Beats Zara Anand To Clinch Title

Vidhatri Urs won the 36-hole competition 2 and 1 by beating National Games silver medallist Zara Anand in the All-India Ladies Amateur Golf Championship on Saturday

File image of Vidhatri Urs

Vidhatri Urs of Bengaluru registered a hard-fought win over National Games silver medallist Zara Anand to clinch the All-India Ladies Amateur Golf Championship in Pune on Saturday. (More Golf News)

The 17-year-old Vidhatri, who had topped the stroke play event, won the 36-hole competition 2 and 1.

The 15-year-old Zara, who was four shots behind Vidhatri in stroke play, has time and again shown that she is ready for the higher levels. 

It was a long and tiring week as the two teenagers played two rounds of 18 holes each and then qualified for match play. 

They went through 36-hole matches on the two previous days and were once again engaged in a titanic tussle on the final day.

Vidhatri beat Nidhi Tamse 5&4 in the first round and then defeated Heena Kang 3&2 in the pre quarter-finals. 

In the quarter finals, she moved past Keerthana Rajeev and then Saanvi Somu in the semifinals.

Zara on the other hand beat Pihoo Chauhan 6&5 in the first and then Prarthana Khanna 4 & 2 in the pre-quarter finals. 

In the quarters she moved past Ananya Garg and then defeated Dia Cris Kumar in the semifinals.

Earlier, in the stroke play Vidhatri shot 71-71 to top the segment and grab the Billoo Sethi Trophy. 

Zara finished second for the match play to reach the final.

In the summit clash, Vidhatri held the upper hand for most of the time. She went 3-up at one stage. 

However, Zara did well to fight hard but was still 3-down a little after the halfway stage. 

Zara brought the deficit down to two with two holes to go, before a halved hole on the 35th ended the match in Vidhatri’s favour.

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